Elusive Triad: Integrity, Competency and Caring

Clearly, we all have expectations (or at least a desire) of integrity, competency and caring with every encounter especially in healthcare. However, after a text-distracted driver crossed the double yellow line and hit my mom in a head-on collision, the desire became an immediate need. After the initial stay in the ICU, where they truly saved her life, she was released back into the real world after several weeks. Although, triage care is fabulous for saving lives, the same method often translates poorly to quality of life care with medication as the primary tool.

My desire was simply to find quality healthcare professionals to continue her recovery in her hometown from afar. It became apparent, sifting through the noise of advertisements and false promises to find genuine professionals was harder than I thought it would, or rather should be. Some seemed to lack either skill or passion while others had perhaps many years with little expertise. It was unfortunate to encounter some individuals that seemed to be in the healthcare field for personal gain. It was a bit disheartening that my own mother had to go through this struggle to find quality competent care. Sure, there are Google and Yelp reviews that have tried to stem the search for qualified doctors, however, I knew the extent of the head and neck trauma and the symptomatic future that lay ahead if uncorrected. She needed exceptional professionals that were at the top of their craft. Always striving, always learning to be able to deliver exceptional care when the next case is a little more difficult or not typical, they are ready. As I embark on my 11th year of practice, my core values of treating people the way I would like my family to be treated holds true to this day.

So, what was I looking for in a practitioner for my own mom?

  • Integrity- They are a trustworthy practitioner that take cases that they feel are best suited for their office and know when to refer out for best results.
  • Competency- Knowledge and skill coming to together.
  • Caring- Genuinely care and wanting the best for the patient.

If these values resonate with you and you have been experiencing any head and neck problems sustained by trauma or other causes, please give our office a call for a complimentary consultation to see if we may be able to help.

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About Dr. Ed McCullough DC.

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Dr. Ed McCullough grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is thrilled to be back. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, he continued his education receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While earning his degree, he served as president of the student body and of his graduating class. He then settled in Middle Tennessee to serve those communities because of the lack of his brand of patient-centric care. “It was an honor to serve Middle Tennessee and introduce them to the wonderful benefits of family care and restoring function to those in need.” Dr.McCullough has been providing unique and special services for those suffering with chronic conditions for nearly a decade to patients who came from over four states to receive specific chiropractic care to restore their health. Dr. McCullough works top to bottom to help restore patients health. Dr. McCullough has previously been featured on the Nashville major networks discussing health and wellness care and carried his own radio show discussing options for holistic health care.

Dr. Ed McCullough has a passion for serving people and enjoys seeing patients of all ages. He serves whole family care as well as specialty cases. He is experienced in several techniques with additional training to the head, neck and TMJ areas with the sole purpose of serving patients and providing options for conservative care for all conditions that involve the spine and nervous system. This additional training allows him to deliver spinal adjustments with the most delicate touch while helping to restore the body balance. Dr. McCullough thrives on helping patients with chronic conditions regain health… especially those that have lost hope because other measures have failed. He finds joy in servings patients from newborns to retirees with high levels of success involving some of the most difficult cases including head and neck pain, back pain, post surgical spinal surgery syndrome, seizure disorder cases, Headaches and Migraines, Whiplash, TMJD and much more. Its not uncommon for a patient to say, “I have lived with that condition most of my life, I wish I would have found you sooner.” Dr. McCullough views each person as unique and works with each patient to achieve their optimum healing potential.

The McCullough’s have three children and on the weekends you will see them out at community events, festivals, the farmers market, a dog park, or sporting events. They can often be spotted cheering at a race or on the sidelines of a soccer field on the weekends. They love the outdoors which was part of the reason they chose beautiful Southern Oregon.