Flossing for Emergency Preparedness

Some will remember that in November of last year, I wrote about the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Prepare Out Loud campaign that the American Red Cross is promoting to help Oregonians prepare. Preparedness for such events is important. And preparedness for smaller, less sensational events is also essential. For example, a closed road for a forest fire, an automobile accident, or a landslide could create a serious situation if we are not ready for it.

At one of the training meetings I attended, one of the presenters told how he and many other motorists became stranded up in the mountains due to a car accident in the middle of a winter storm. While other motorists struggled to balance staying warm with not depleting their gas tanks, he simply turned off his car, pulled out the down sleeping bag he keeps as part of his winter kit, and got inside it to read a book. The stress and anxiety he experienced as a result of this circumstance was far less than that of those around him, because he was prepared.

Some will also remember that we, as a dental office, like to promote what we call “Flossing Around the World.” In the past we have held drawings for prizes for those who have sent us photos of themselves flossing wherever they might be. We have received photos from people flossing right here in Ashland, at the House of Lords in England, Machu Picchu in Peru, and in many other places throughout our beautiful and amazing planet.

During 2017, Today’s Dentistry is tying the two together – preparedness and flossing! An unlikely combination, we know. Here is how it works: you will send us photos of yourselves flossing or post them on our Facebook page (be sure to tell us where you are!). This will automatically enter you in a drawing for a “Reddy Freddy” emergency preparedness kit. This is a comprehensive 72-hour kit that can be used as a home or car resource in the event of emergency. Drawings will be held quarterly, so there will be four opportunities to win one of these great kits throughout the year. Entries that aren’t drawn out will remain in the pool for future drawings.

We hope this will put some fun into getting prepared and get us all thinking more about how we will handle emergency situations, should they arise.

Also new for 2017 is a change up to our “Charity of the Month.” Throughout 2016 we donated $200 each month to various organizations that you all suggested and that we drew out of a glass bowl. These included the Maslow Project, Vision Quilt, Ashland Emergency Food Bank, Boys to Men Southern Oregon, Ashland Supportive Housing, Down Syndrome Association, WinterSpring Center, Hope Equestrian Center, Asante Foundation Children’s Miracle Network, Southern Oregon Humane Society, and Ashland Schools Foundation. That’s $2,400 donated to local service organizations to benefit our community!!!

In 2017 we are going to focus our efforts on one single entity: an orphanage/school in India. One of our hygienists, Lisa, has worked in association with this orphanage for many years and plans to spend time there again this year. We decided we wanted to focus our efforts in 2017 and make a BIG difference in the lives of the Indian children that she works with. We will be updating our Facebook page with the things they are doing throughout the year to improve the lives of the children the orphanage serves, and also ways you can help. We are excited to watch what unfolds :^)

We hope you all have a great new year. Best Wishes!

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Dr. James Burneson

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