four hundred seventy two dollar ticket for having my dog 2 minutes in the park

last night around 10 o clock i took my dog for a walk by lithia park. she is a ten month old puppy. my dog collar came off and she ran into the park. i immediately ran after her and apprehended her an we went back to our walk by the park . ten minutes later five cop cars surround me like i was a murderer or something drastic. then the girl hands me a ticket for $472. i feel the punishment far outweighs the crime. my ticket says vicous dog when my dog was as nice and friendly as can be to all five cop cars full of police. then later when i got home the cops pulled up to my home 2 cop cars to be exact. boy walking a dog in ashland is a crime that will take shoes off my kids feet and food off our table. plus make me feel terrible. this is unfair

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