Fun With Haikus

I was in a haiku mood, so here are some haikus from Noffkido's Vault. Feel free to add your own in the comments section. (Remember, 5-7-5).

Noffkido's Haikus

On a Thursday Morn,
I wake with the rain, dripping.
I hope it stays ‘while.

One roommate helps life,
The other one drains that life.
Perhaps she should go.

You’ve been gone two weeks…
Now I am left wondering,
“Why not the front door”?

Kitty – Kitty Cat,
Sing Your Song, “Meow, Meow”.
Just don’t sing it now.

To flowers, say I,
“Some weeds are beautiful too.
…but killing you still”.

I wanted a poem
In iambic pentam’ter.
Guess I’ll try again.

He said, “Haiku’s rhyme”.
I said, “Well, not all the time”.
Guess we both were right!

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