Give Yourself this Gift, as an Investment in your Mental Health

In this season of thanks, I am most grateful for Suzanne Mark. The IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback sessions, together with her various Rapid-Change therapies, have proved invaluable in releasing many years of post-traumatic stress. Suzanne’s calm, patient, positive manner helped to facilitate healing. I am now experiencing an elevated sense of well-being. Feelings and thoughts are clearer, releasing the negative has become easier, joyfulness is the norm, and a realization of our common good is present. Give yourself this gift, as an investment in your mental health, as it will be the gift that keeps giving. We are lifting our collective consciousness when we do our individual work. What blesses one, blesses all.

Sincerely, Marjie Wilde, MA

Ashland Neurofeedback thanks our clients and supporters and wishes everyone a joyful, peaceful, presence filled life this Holiday Season and beyond.

Suzanne Mark and Daniel Sternberg, Ph.D