Granny Smith Apple & Sauerkraut

Cultured vegetables, those fermented in a brine, as opposed to those pickled with vinegar and sugar, feed the positive bacteria in the small intestines. Two heaping tablespoons mixed in with your food, three times per day is a powerful tool for re-establishing gut flora, and keeping Candida at bay, once it has been dealt with. Cultured vegetables can be mixed with warm foods but should not be cooked, as this destroys the beneficial bacteria they provide.

Cultured vegetables are wonderful mixed with assorted sautéed or steamed vegetables, in soups or stews, or with protein such as beans, fish, eggs, poultry and meat. The following is a delightful recipe to incorporate cultured vegetables in your diet.

Organic Granny Smith Apple, minced

Granny Smith is a fruit that attracts positive bacteria in the gut.   


I usually use Bubbies or Pickled Planet.

Combine the apple and sauerkraut, in equal portions. Enjoy after meals to help cut sweet cravings.

You can also add cabbage, carrots or other vegetables to create a delightful salad.

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Nancy Burton, L.Ac.

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