I will supply four lucky people with PurePlant Essentials Appetite Suppressant, a pure and natural aromatherapy product designed to help anyone easily lose and manage their weight. The only requirement is that those chosen must commit to using their PurePlant Essentials Appetite Suppressant as directed for the entire six-week challenge. No dieting or any food restrictions are required! Natural and healthy weight loss doesn't get any easier. Find out how much weight you can lose in just six weeks? To learn more and apply contact: KG Stiles, Springhill Wellness Center in Ashland 941-7315 or visit: 

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MindBody Therapist and Health Educator for more than 30 years, specializing in Aromatic Plant and Energy Medicine. My professional titles and teaching experience include: Organizational Director, Executive Producer, Assistant Professor, Workshop Presenter, Mentor, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Educator, Poet and Philosopher. Learn more:

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