RESULTS are in for the Healthy Weight Loss Challenge!

RESULTS are in for the Healthy Weight Loss Challenge!

Five people completed the Six-Week Challenge using PurePlant Essential Appetite Suppressant. Two of them were folks I’d given complementary bottles of Appetite Suppressant who weren’t “officially” entered into the Challenge.

Everyone reported positive weight loss results from 1.5 to 9 lbs with no change in diet or exercise routines. There were reports of increased metabolism and fat burning, more energy and awareness about eating habits with an ability to control food cravings. Everyone enjoyed using the Appetite Suppressant and reported their experience as being very pleasant with plans to continue using the product until reaching their ideal weight.

Two people offered to write a product endorsement. One felt the Appetite Suppressant was the answer she’d been looking for to control her weight for health reasons.

“NEW” Appetite Suppressant Product Endorsement: I used PurePlant Essentials Appetite Suppressant continuously for a month and was successful in losing 9 pounds. It helped me be more aware of what I was eating.”
~ Lisa McKaman, Ashland, OR USA

To learn about PurePlant Essentials Appetite Suppressant visit:

You can purchase PurePlant Essentials Appetite Suppressant at Shop N’ Kart in Ashland or at Springhill Wellness Center.

Thanks for your interest!

KG Stiles
Founder & Director
PurePlant Essentials


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