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Highly Sensitive People

Are you or someone you love a highly sensitive person, HSP? Are they easily affected by their environment, foods, people and drugs? Understanding sensitivity can help develop strategies to be your best self. Being sensitive is like being an orchid instead of a dandelion, both equally valuable for different reasons. Both are affected by severe change like drought, chemicals and pesticides, but the orchid will react first, like the canary in the coal mine. If you would like to do a self-test created by Elaine Aron, author of the Highly Sensitive Person go to:

The world needs the gifts of the HSP; they are the artists, visionaries, teachers and healers of the world. A percentage of the population is born sensitive. They are highly valued in some cultures, such as Japan, but tend to struggle in North American culture. In Ashland, we happen to have a high percentage of this population.

The HSP population also increases through the toxins we are ingesting (through the mouth and skin) which affects key organs such as the liver and kidneys. When the body can’t detox fast enough, it starts reacting to whatever it is exposed to. So, for example, with age and toxic exposures, you might notice being unable to tolerate alcohol without a hangover or suddenly have food or perfume sensitivities.

Sensitive people need to approach health care with some caution. They respond well to careful initiation of treatments, usually one at a time. Knowing and respecting their sensitivities to drugs, foods and other environmental items can help treatment be more successful. If a person is going to have side effects from a specific treatment, it is frequently the sensitive individual, and starting with very low doses and working up is important to consider. Gentle medicines and treatments which focus on stimulating the body to heal itself, like homeopathy, Scenar, Chinese, Ayurveda and low force adjustments are highly effective and safe especially for sensitive people.

Dr. Valeria Breiten, has specialized in treating the highly sensitive person throughout her twenty years as a Naturopathic Doctor in Arizona and now at Southern Oregon Sports and Spine. Her use of classical homeopathy, Scenar (biofeedback treatment), herbs, nutrition and lifestyle work with the body in a gentle and effective way to promote healing.

Valeria can coach you on treatment options, review your labs and supplements you are taking, and will determine a helpful homeopathic prescription. The most effective thing she does is to listen closely to your story and see the opportunities for restoring your health. If you have any questions, Valeria would be happy to speak to you.

Valeria can be reached at Southern Oregon Sports & Spine (541) 482-0625 or Physical Address: 987 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR.

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