Human Trafficking Disrupters Summit to Address Alarming Trends in Southern Oregon

Human trafficking continues to be a pressing issue across the nation. To tackle this
problem head-on, the Southern Oregon Human Trafficking Disrupters Summit is set to
take place at Ashland Hills Hotel, March 22-23. This two-day event will bring together
experts, advocates, and community members to discuss strategies for combating
human trafficking and supporting survivors.

·        Over 20 million people are trafficked around the world at any moment in time.
·        Less than 5% of trafficking cases in the United States result from kidnapping
or abductions.

·        Southern Oregon is a hotspot in the nation and is not immune to this crisis.
Human trafficking extends beyond sexual exploitation to labor trafficking in the illegal
cannabis operations in Southern Oregon, where migrant workers are treated as slaves,
according to a recent ABC News story.

The Human Trafficking Disrupters Summit aims to raise awareness about the issue of
human trafficking, educate the public about the signs of trafficking, and empower
community members to take action.

The summit features a keynote by Rebecca Bender, renowned Social Activist and
Author,  Katrina Taylor-Sims of EPI, Christine Cesa of You Belong, Justin Euteneier
and Tomas Perez of Epik Project, Lauren Trantham of Ride My Road, and Rosa Van
Gordon of JC-CAST. Detective Steve Bohn and Sarah Jagger from The Jackson
County Sheriffs Department; Southern Oregon Child Exploitation Team, and Lisa
Manyon of Write On Creative will also present. Over a dozen local service agencies will
also be in attendance, providing resources and support to those affected by human

“By coming together as a community, we can disrupt the cycle of human trafficking and
create a safer, more just society for all. This unique event is critical in raising awareness
and mobilizing action to address this troubling meta-issue in our society.” – Lauren
Trantham, Event Co-Producer – Lauren Trantham, Event Co-Producer

Produced by Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, Ride My Road, and Architects of the
New Paradigm Conference Series. Advance tickets are $75 and includes lunches both

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