“I Hate the Crack!”

When someone complains of neck or back pain, a friend or family member may suggest that they go to see a chiropractor. A common response is “I hate the crack! I don’t want someone doing that to my neck. No, thanks.” I’ve heard this tale many times. But the conversation doesn’t have to end here.

While most chiropractors claim to be ‘gentle,’ what if I told you that I can help to alter the tension pattern in your neck or back without ‘cracking’ the vertebra? Network Spinal technique employs very light touch contacts. While the touch is very subtle, amazing changes can occur in the spine and nervous system. This quantum approach to the nervous system helps you to find and release tension in your body, resulting in less pain, greater energy, and increased vitality.

My goal is to help you to move from pain to power. We’re living in very stressful days, and binding stress energy in our bodies is common. If you want to learn more about this amazing care, please contact me for an initial session. I love what I do and I want to share it with you! Don’t be stopped by fear of the Crack! Call me at 541-816-1911.

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Dr. Luke Schmelzle

Tail of the Sun Network Care is owned and operated by Dr. Luke Schmelzle, chiropractic physician. Dr. Luke specializes in liberating stress energy, stored in the nervous system, muscles, and tendons. With a focus upon Reorganizational Healing (ROH), practice members will not only feel better, but access more of the good things in life.

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