Well, I really wanted to see ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ but, we didn’t make it to the theater in time, sooo, we watched Juno. I think just about everyone has seen this film by now, but if not, you’re in for a good one.

I think this movie is probably one of the most honest movies about teens today. Riding on the heels of such movies like ‘Napoleon Dynamite’, and ‘Superbad’, Juno is the latest in a stream of honest, low-budget, believable teen dramatic comedies. 

Juno is played by young actress Ellen Page whom you may recognize from the last X-men movie. Ellen Page was a perfect fit for the role of Juno, and is quite brilliant in this movie. Juno is a quick-mouthed, witty teenage girl with a fantastic vocabulary and living room set. A surprise to me was the role Jennifer Garner played as Vanessa Loring, potential adoptive parent to Juno’s baby. It was a perfect role for her; a idealist young professional woman, kinda O.C.D.,  who wants a baby but can’t conceive with her husband.

To start the movie off, Juno finds out that she’s pregnant by a nerdy long-distance runner who is her best friend. Once she finds out she’s pregnant, she just kinda rolls with it. This movie has amazing character development, witty one-liners and a brilliant cast. If you haven’t seen it already, I’d highly recommend it – Five Stars!

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