Midnite and Prezident Brown @ Ashland Armory

Midnite @ Ashland Armory Feb 29 2008

Midnite @ Ashland Armory, February 29, 2008. 


I expect certain things from a reggae show.  Real Rastafarians, colorful crowds, and the ever present “fog machine.”  By my standards, Friday night was on point.

Kinky reggae now: Midnite and Prezident Brown rippin’ one at the Ashland Armory.  From the islands of St. Croix and Jamaica, respectively, the boys don’t stop by too often.  Hundreds of fans showed up to welcome them.

Funky dancehall and easy skanking is the way to keep everybody rocking.  The pierced, tough looking sorts danced as hard as the flower kids; even the soccer moms and squares (me) loosened up the hips a bit and got down to it.


Prezident Brown @ Ashland Armory

Prezident Brown @ Ashland Armory

Midnite @ Ashland Armory 

Midnite @ Ashland Armory


All clichéd reggae quips aside, cheers to Renegade Productions for another awesome show.  Excellent lights and sound, a packed house (and beer garden), and amazing bands from way out of town.

I couldn’t understand a word out of either performer’s mouth, but isn’t that part of the Rastafarian charm?  My faithful concert companion, Meghan, deciphered “judgment” and “revolution”; I caught the words “misery,” “people,” and, of course, “Jah.”

But who cares? It’s good music.  I like how they said whatever they said. 


 Prezident Brown @ Ashland Armory

Prezident Brown @ Ashland Armory


If you missed the show, our friends from Jamaica will be paying us additional spring visits. The Itals will play at the armory on March 29, and The Wailers will play in early April.

LocalsGuide member MattBianca caught the second half of the show.  Check back later for his review of Friday night!


midnite @ ashland armory 

Midnite @ Ashland Armory 

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