Turned Up Missing @ Band Practice

Turned Up Missing @ Band Practice. March 15, 2008.
Today, I stopped by Turned Up Missing’s rehearsal space on the outskirts of Ashland, and my ears are still ringing.  I met Chase, Ben, Rafe, Andy, and Luke, and they were kind enough to share a few songs with me, including some brand-spankin’ new tunes. 
The boys joined forces in 2004, aiming to become “the next Blink 182.”  Thankfully, that goal underwent a few revisions.  Their sound has evolved from “screamo, emo, geemo, and almost hardcore” into a tight, pop punk explosion.  TUM is high energy, and just plain good rock ‘n roll.
Did I mention they’re loud?  Geez.  
TUM played on Warped Tour last year, and they are competing for a time slot this year.  As I’m typing this, they’re playing at Musichead in Medford.  You can see them in Medford on April 10 @ South Medford High School, or in Ashland on April 18 @ The Revolution.
You can also see lead singer Andy Orsow’s profile right here:
That’s all for now.  
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