A few tidbits

Just a few spicy bits to share…

The Vinyl Club in Ashland will hold an open mic every Tuesday from 9 PM to Midnight, starting tomorrow night!  For information or sign up, call Zack at (541) 646-6381.
I got an email from [link=””]The Living Roots[/link], a funky little raggae band from Ashland.  They’re holding a CD release party on June 7 at The Mobius, in Ashland.  They seem like nice folks, so maybe we’ll hang out, maybe I’ll post some pics and tell you more.
Also, I’ll have more music from my [link=””]community recording project[/link] up this week!  I haven’t much time to work on it, but I’ve had some [link=””]great results[/link] so far!
Finally, [link=””]The Physics of Meaning[/link] from North Carolina are coming to The Beanery in Ashland this month!!  They’re a really amazing indie band, and they’re playing for free!  It’s not until the 31st, but I can hardly wait.  Check back for more on the POM show…
That’s all for now.
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I am a musician, a journalist, and a music fan. Life is awesome. I play music, write about music, photograph music, listen to music, and ride my big bad motorcycle. I also cook and wash dishes for rent money.

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