Recording Matt Fawcett

I recently sat down with Matt Fawcett, a practicing lawyer in Medford, to record seven original songs.  Matt was the first to take part in my [link=” “]community recording project,[/link] and he set the bar pretty high.  Playing several unique, beautiful guitars and a mandolin, Matt performed these songs in a single sitting, and with two exceptions, on first takes.  He wasn’t “feeling too photogenic,” so I left my camera tucked away, but the music speaks for itself.

[link=” “]Come have a listen to Matt Fawcett’s brand new Demo CD, courtesy of rockstardave.[/link]
Bands and singer/songwriters: the [link=” “]offer[/link] still stands.
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I am a musician, a journalist, and a music fan. Life is awesome. I play music, write about music, photograph music, listen to music, and ride my big bad motorcycle. I also cook and wash dishes for rent money.

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