New Band, New Music

The old band went the way of the steam engine.  A solid, powerful design, but the gasoline engine won out.

Given the right conditions, maybe we could have been something great.  We all had other callings to answer, and so our opportunity to make music is lost, perhaps for good.

But not to worry.  Even gasoline will be obsolete, someday.  An old friend and a new friend are helping raise a racket these days.  Jonathan Lewis and Adam Nelson on drums and bass, respectively.
We are Record High, a nasty little power trio.
Not quite a zero emissions, ultra-efficient driving machine.  More like a moped, modified with a Soviet-era jet engine.  With rocket launchers.  And a Gatling gun.
No, two Gatling guns.
[link=””]Have a listen to our very first demo song.[/link]  Hopefully, we’ll have many more to come soon…
Peace, kiddies.


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I am a musician, a journalist, and a music fan. Life is awesome. I play music, write about music, photograph music, listen to music, and ride my big bad motorcycle. I also cook and wash dishes for rent money.

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