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From Left:  Nick and Brandon, hosts of KSKQ’s Fungle Junk, chatting off the air.  All photos by rockstardave.
I dropped by KSKQ studios in Ashland tonight to hang out with Brandon and Nick, hosts of the music/talk program, Fungle Junk.  I’ve been on the radio a couple times before, but I’ve never been interviewed live.  I’m usually the one asking the questions and taking notes; sitting on the other side of the microphone was an interesting change of pace.
We talked about my band, The Friend Ship Pagota, and Brandon played a few tracks off our two albums.  We also discussed the booming LocalsMusic Guide and some of my experiences with local musicians.

KSKQ broadcasts on 94.9 FM in Ashland, and no thanks to a tiny 50-watt transmitter, Brandon told me, “You can hear us in the parking lot, and that’s about it.”  He also told me a brand new transmitter is arriving tomorrow, which should effectively double their broadcasting power, so keep your ears open for some awesome community radio.  KSKQ plays as much local music as they can get their hands on, as well as popular programs such as Democracy Now!  You can also listen in online at
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