KSOC, Local Radio to Be Proud Of

Southern Oregon University’s student-run college radio station, KSOC, has

been around for about a decade now, but still suffers from a lack of listenership

that it deserves.   I present a number of reasons why you should give it a try:

(1)  The station is blessed with great, high-quality equipment, resulting in a

crystal-clear sound.

(2)  You don’t have to listen to commercials or a bunch of public service


(3)  The shows are archived so that if you miss your favorite show, you can

listen to it another time.

(4)  There is a great variety of shows.    Plenty of electronica.   Classic rock.

A talk show that includes interviews with some of the more interesting

thinkers of our time. Indie rock/pop.  Folk.  And, of course, one of the

greatest jazz programs on the west coast.   Some of the shows are hosted

by some of the more witty and humorous DJs I’ve had the pleasure of

listening to.

(5)  It’s local!

The website is .    We don’t have an FM signal yet, but

we may soon, especially if we have more support from the community.

Tune in today!



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I moved here in May after 32 years on the Arkansas/ Oklahoma border. I love this town and already feel quite at home here. There is an amazing vibration here, to which I am happily contributing. I am a tournament Scrabble player, so I was quite pleased to find a couple of other tourneygoers here, forming the core of an official Scrabble club that meets Sundays at the Heartsong Chai Hut.

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