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I am grateful for the incredible amount of trust that people grant me.  To allow someone to enter your mouth, cut/carve/whittle/whatever you want to call it on your teeth, bone, and/or gum tissues is a scary/anxiety-producing/nerve-racking/unpleasant experience. And I appreciate, I am certain not fully, the trust/confidence/hope/faith that people exercise in me as I work on, in, and around their teeth.

I often ask myself, how do people place such trust in an imperfect person?  Because I am imperfect, that means that I am capable of error, of making a mistake.  Not exactly a comforting thought when one is facing the prospect of having their teeth worked on. Some of that trust may come because of my good looks, my charming charisma, and my winning smile ;^)  

But I suspect most of the trust and confidence comes from people telling other people about the work that we do.  And for that I am also very grateful – that those who have had good experiences in our office are willing to share with others those good experiences.  A referral or recommendation from a trusted friend jump-starts the trust building process between our office and prospective new patients.  And we at Today’s Dentistry certainly appreciate the trust our patients place in us :^)

5 star

Everyone was warm and welcoming.  Lisa, my hygienist did an excellent job – I appreciated her explanations for each part of the check-up.  And Dr. Warr introduced himself as “Ed”.  Wow! A doctor who wants to be on a first-name with his patients – rare indeed.  I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment.  My thanks and appreciation to all in the office. – Maren

5 star

Dr. Warr is a gem, especially working with our six year.  Having a cavity filled is never fun so having it done as quickly as possible is always a huge plus.  Dr. Warr also did a great job of explaining to our son what he could expect and even went so far as asking him if it was okay to get started.  He gave him feedback throughout the entire process and we were in and out within 45 minutes.  I can’t recommend this dentist more highly! – DeAnna

5 stars

Dr. Warr is not only the best dentist I have ever had in my life, he is also an artist.  I had 2 cavities in the outer part of my teeth.  I was embarrassed when I smiled, because it looked like I had poor hygiene.  After Dr. Warr finished his work, it looked like I had 2 brand new teeth.  I am very thankful to have found him.  His office staff is wonderful.  They are professional, friendly and caring.  They are simply the best! – Tina

5 stars

Rachelle has been working on me for years but keeps getting better.  Very friendly, always positive and accommodating.  This was a different appointment and she worked so well with the new girl who was also excellent and very professional as an assistant to Rachelle.  She also quickly did my bill and got appointments for next year.  I am truly impressed. – Bill

5 stars

Work required me to move around often which means I have to switch dentists frequently.  Up until now I’ve had similar experiences with dentists, but Dr. Warr and everyone at his office created a new feeling from the start.  From the warm, professional greeting and quick check-in to the thoroughness of describing each action they were taking to put my mind at ease; I was extremely impressed.  I left feeling educated about how to care for my teeth and feeling like I was really “seen” and not just a number.  Thank you Dr. Warr and team and even if I move again, I will do all I can to remain your patient! – Hayley

5 stars

Jill is absolutely the best.  Thanks. – Anonymous

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