Natural Building Workshops Summer 2012

Make natural building part of your summer plans.

4-day Natural Building Workshop with COB Together
July 5th-8th, 2012 with James Haim and Taylor Starr

Introduction to Natural Building: In this 4 day workshop you will have the opportunity to get your hands (and feet) dirty mixing and building with cob, stuffing light-straw-clay, and making and applying earthen plasters. Tours, lectures and discussions will also cover: straw bale building, design basics, foundations, roofs, and more. Participants will walk away from this weekend with the techniques and principles needed to begin building!

Creating Organic Buildings Together offers natural building workshops for people of all ages. Building with natural materials like cob, strawbale, paper crete, earthen plasters and floors, sustainably harvested wood, and reused materials allows you to create beautiful, efficient, inexpensive and livable spaces while walking lightly on the earth. This makes sense not only for the planet, but also for folks wanting to revitalize cooperative culture and have fun COBbing Together. No previous building experience is required.

Cost $360
Camping and Organic Meals Included
Location: The banks of the Little Applegate River in Southern Oregon
Register at Cob

2012 Natural Building Apprenticeship with COB Together
August 5th-25th: Hybrid Sauna Construction with James Haim

During this three week apprenticeship program you will construct a sauna and, time permitting, a cob oven, from start to finish. As part of this program you will learn the basics of making a foundation, building four different wall systems with materials including cob, straw bale, light-straw-clay and cob-cordwood, and constructing a living roof. In addition you will learn earthen plastering techniques, tour a variety of beautiful natural buildings, spend time designing your own projects and enjoy the many recreational and cultural opportunities the Rogue Valley has to offer.

Participants will camp on-site and be served three organic meals six days a week with one day off each week. Participants will finish their stay with a one-day rafting trip on the scenic Rogue River. In order to provide the highest quality teaching this apprenticeship is limited to four individuals.

James Haim has experience building with straw bales, cob, paper crete, and light-straw clay, as well as traditional construction. He has worked with Creating Organic Buildings Together for 6 years teaching natural building workshops for people of all ages. He co-founded the Wilderness Charter School in 1996 whose mission is to study and practice community, personal empowerment, and ecological connection with the intention of creating a sustainable future. James believes that a key element in the environmental movement is creating a positive example of sustainable culture so others have inspiration to look towards as their awareness of the world’s environmental and social situation unfolds.

Cost – $1,350
Camping and Organic Meals Included
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Register at Cob

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