New City of Medford Sculpture Unveiled Today

4:00 pm
Medford Oregon

In downtown Medford today, Rogue Valley artist and sculptor Richard Jarel, unveiled his much anticipated Kinetic Sculpture “Salmon Flight”.

The sculpture displays three large red salmon swimming down a largeriver.
The first salmon represents the self. The second salmon represents the family. The third salmons represents the tribe and the river the represents the interconnectedness of all life.

Over seven years in the making and thousands of hours have gone into the project. From the first prototype to completed state. This is one of Jarel’s first major publicly displayed works of arts.

Richard’s career started making a few sculptures for a few small films you might have seen such as The Power Rangers, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, as well as making the infamous Bat Mobile for Mattel… but more on that later.

This blog and video of the unveiling marks the beginning of a series up close interviews and feature article with Richard Jarel.

Salmon Flight was funded by the Medford Arts Commission with the initial plan of being located in the Medford round about, but instead was decided to be placed right outside of city hall. You can see it as the corner of 8th and Oakdale.


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