1. Type of Music: Americana, alt. country
2. When Was the Band Founded? 2007
3. Names and Instruments: Manda Bryn – vocals, Cris Kelly – guitar/vocals, Mysha Caruso – bass/vocals, Bob Evoniuk – dobro/lap steel, Bryan Helfrich – drums
4. Occupation: Manda SOU teacher / Mysha – OSF, Perfoming Artist, Songwriter / Cris – outdoor educator, songwriter / Bryan recording engineer, carpentry
5. Tallest & Shortest Musician: Bryan – tallest / Mysha – shortest
6. Where did you guys meet? perfoming on the musician’s circut around Ashland
7. How long have you been together? approaching one year with Bob  joining us about 3 months ago
8. Show Calendar: see calendar at
9. Favorite Musicians / Inspirations: James McMurtry, Gillian Welch, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
10. Albums and Songs: debut album due out soon! check for details
11. Shout out to the community: Thanks to everyone who continue to attend our performances.
12. Dream Come True: substantial income for the band members and families from our efforts as a touring professional band.
13. Best Show: The White Eagle Saloon in Portland
14. Worst Show: the night the sound system was on the fritz at the Jefferson State Pub
15. Most fun you ever had during a show:
at the Buffalo Gap in Portland, Manda was offered, onstage, many glasses of wine which resulted in a 20 minute narrative into the depths of her youth including the rare and humerous solo performance of her epic song “Dance Team Ah Haaaa”
16. Favorite Local Place to Play: Standing Stone Brewery
17. Other Favorite Local Bands: performing songwriters Mysha Caruso & Gene Burnett
18. Anything else you want do with your local fame and fortune: please be on the lookout for our CD Release party coming to Ashland Soon!!!
19. Other Questions we missed.. fire away!!

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