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Almost everything about Wiley’s World has a comfortable, we’ve-been-here-awhile, neighborhood-joint, feel to it. From the unassuming location and the small dining area to the friendly, laid-back servers and bulletin board full of children’s drawings, this cozy little pearl could easily be overlooked on the way to one of downtown’s schnazzier digs. Unless you’ve already got a finely-tuned Great Food Radar, that is.

The one thing about Wiley’s World that is as fresh as it gets is the pasta: organic, made on-site, and prepared with care, the dough takes on as many forms as it does flavors. Angel hair, fettucine, linguini, spaghetti – among others – can be found cradling peanut or marinara or alfredo or pesto sauces, or even olive oil with veggies or capers and roasted garlic. (They’ve got vegans covered too.) Want to walk on sunshine? Get the Mediterranean with tender angel hair noodles that showcase the bright flavors of marinara, briny artichokes and olives, and tangy feta cheese. And that’s only if you haven’t looked at the second page of the menu yet, where more mouthwatering flavors are stuffed into ravioli! Order the Smoked Chicken & Cheese Ravioli with Alfredo and melt away as the mild, satiny sauce coaxes out every rich earthy note of smokiness from the filling.

Wiley’s takes good care of people who like to eat well, no matter how much (they offer à la carte, smaller and super size portions) or where (take home some pasta, ravioli, or sauce from their to-go case and make a heavenly meal at home). They make sure you (can) eat your vegetables by serving a large side salad of organic greens with a sweet and creamy housemade Raspberry Red Onion Vinaigrette with each entree. And just in case you feel that a meal is only complete if it comes with bread, they top it all off with a slice of pillowy-soft herbalicious bread. Those so inclined can make a toast to such people-pleasing circumstances with a glass of wine or bottle of beer, or if you prefer your sugars solid, with desserts including creamy Mocha or Lemon Cheesecakes, Fruit Cobbler, and fudgey Double Chocolate Brownies.

So next time you’re cruising around Ashland and hear a persistent beeping in your head, pay attention: your radar’s probably picking up on the Wiley’s World signal.

Wiley’s World is located at 1606 Ashland Street. You can call 488-0285 to find out which pastas are available to go (or tell them how much you love their food).. Entrees range from $8.95 to $11.50; add tofu, chicken, meatballs, or shrimp for a buck or two more. Take-away pastas are $3.95/lb, ravioli are $7.95/lb. À Noter: Kid’s Menu is available as this is also a family-friendly sort of place. ,

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