off to India

I closed the doors to my new little business January 12th.  I plan on not giving another thought to work for the next five weeks. The purpose of the trip to India is definitely pleasure with a little work tied in importing goodies back to Ashland.

Last time I was in India was a year and a half ago and I was there six months. My heart gets a HUGE tug each time I think of India and Asia. I miss it. I feel part of my soul resides there. This is the reason for my trip.

For me the hardest part will be only being away five weeks. Last time I was away two years and even this did not feel like enough time. I know in Asia and India I feel so incredibly at peace and in my body. Being there for such a short time and having to leave will be difficult.

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I am passionate. I am honest and true to my word. I am a yogini. I love salsa dancing. I enjoy good movies and good books. I love the outdoors and nature. I have a passion for international travel and learning about other cultures. I love lazy days and days filled with fun and new adventures. I am a thrill seeker. I am playful, loyal, responsible, independent, authentic and speak what is on my mind. I have few secrets and many ideas. I love romance and affection. I am feisty.

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