Poetry Mentor – July 4th

Thank you to those of you who sent in your fabulous versions of summer poems! I’d like to share them later this summer with everyone!

But now, in honor of my own dear sister Barbara’s birthday in two days on July 6th, I’d like to share this poem by Ginger Andrews from her book, An Honest Answer.

Sister Ritual

Every morning I

call Mary Beth, Bob Etta, and Donna June. 

 Usually I

call Mary Beth first. When her phone’s busy I

call Bob Etta. If she’s busy I

know she’s probably talking to Mary Beth, so I

call Donna June. If her phone’s busy I

figure she’s trying to call me, so I

hang up. Wait a second. Push redial. If I

get a second busy signal I

try Mary Beth / Bob Etta again. If they’re still  busy I

call Tana Rae long distance. If she’s busy I

eat breakfast.


Try writing a poem to your sister. Celebrate and sing!


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A safe, happy Independence Day, and always, Deep Peace of the Light of the World To You!

Robert McDowell

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