Read a Friends Heart

Read a Friend’s Heart
May 1st, 2008
“Walking out of the Treasury Building,” wrote the 13th
century Sufi poet, Rumi, “I feel generous.”
The line is refreshing! It’s unusual to think of a poet coming
out of a Treasury Building, and even stranger to imagine that poet
feeling generous. It’s strange but marvelous!
In fact, poems mentioning or focusing on wealth and money
aren’t as rare as we might believe. And why should they be? In a
balanced life, wealth has its place, money has its place:
“Money money money.
Water, water, water.
How cool the grass is.”
These lines by Theodore Roethke reflect the essence of a balanced
life, and that balance is present on every page of a book that I want
to recommend on this, its release day. It’s author is also offering a
cornucopia of special gifts and free bonuses to book purchasers. To
access this Limited Time Offer, just click here:
New York Times Bestseller Peggy McColl’s new book and program, 21
Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve, is an essential resource
for anyone who wants to wake up to experience the joyful abundance our world
has to offer.
Reminding us that “positive emotions are the fuel for your dreams,”
and encouraging readers to “envision what you most desire,” McColl guides us
through twenty-one crisp chapters that address every conceivable concern a
reader might have about achieving and understanding wealth. There’s sound
advice and savvy insight on every page, and each chapter concludes with a series
of affirmations that are appropriate to the Distinction under discussion. The book
also comes with a calendar/checklist, which makes working with each
distinction on a daily basis convenient and fun.
Through it all, McColl’s characteristic generosity and warmth sparkle
and shine. Her temporal/spiritual awareness is awesome! She is a marvelous
listener who has the ability to empower those who study with her and read her.
If you’re ready to become more grounded while awakening your full potential as
you listen to your dreams, this compassionate book is a good place to begin the
journey or correct the journey you’re on in mid-course. Like McColl’s earlier
books, 21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve feels like a
good friend, a heart friend!
Once more, to take advantage of Peggy’s Limited Time Offer, gaining
access to free bonus gifts from dozens of leading authors and teachers, click on
Blessings, Abundance, and Love!

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