Portland Band Visits Ashland



Sound Semantics
Pacific Sounds Duo Tour

Monday, March 30th 7pm
Liquid Assets Wine Bar
96 North Main Street




Sound Semantics, a Portland Oregon based folk pop/rock band, will be playing at Liquid Assets Wine Bar on Monday March 30th at 7pm, as part of the Pacific Sounds Duo Tour.  The tour, which spans as far north as Bellingham WA and as far south as San Diego CA, brings members Eran Schweitzer and Allie Silverberg up and down the west coast to visit old friends, and to make new ones.  Both attended USC’s Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles and have been using their talents, education, networking, and experiences to develop this project in Portland.  The tour, their first, will be an exciting trip to revisit some memories, and form many new ones.
This performance at Liquid Assets will give local music lovers the chance to hear gr eat original folk pop/rock that will be both familiar and intriguing, mixing styles and inspiration from all along the west coast (and, really, all around the world).  The performance will feature original music composted by Eran Schweitzer, performed by the duo version of Sound Semantic s, normally a 4 piece band.  Incorporating intricate harmonies, creative looping parts for guitar, voice and percussion, and singable melodies set against well-crafted arrangements, the music you’ll hear at Liquid Assets on March 30th will make for an interesting, e njoyable, and hopefully memorable evening for all! 

See for full tour details and lots more information!

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