Resident Evil Extinction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if zombies roamed the earth? I know I have. Did you know that crows can in fact, be undead? If unsettling thoughts like these have ever crept into your brain, or if you just like zombies, then you’ll enjoy the newest installment in the Resident Evil series: Resident Evil Extinction.

The movie follows the continuing saga of Alice who travels the now desert like planet, staying undetected by Umbrella Corp. Meanwhile, a caravan has been formed by the remaining survivors, who are looking for others that have not been infected, while trying to find a place of refuge. While searching for supplies, the convoy is attacked, and subsequently saved by Alice, bringing everyone together.

Forced to survive underground, Umbrella Corp. has been creating enhanced zombies and cultivating a cure for the T-virus. When the corporation discovers Alice is still alive, Dr. Isaacs and his team set out to capture her. The movie’s climactic ending comes when the surviving convoy members head to Alaska, where a report has surfaced that the virus has not spread to that area, and Alice breaks into the Umbrella Corp. facility to fight a mutated Dr. Isaacs.

Being an enthusiastic zombie lover, I thought the best part of the movie were the zombies themselves. I thought the costuming was excellent and paints a picture of what a person would look like if, in fact, undead. There is also a mix of both fast and slow moving zombies, which any zombie critic will tell you is ideal. When zombies can do more than slowly stagger towards you; the stakes are raised my friends. Milla Jovovich wears a rugged, yet sexy outfit that I like to call apocalyptic cowgirl; complete with boots, machetes and holsters as accessories. In all, the movie reminds me of a sci-fi wild west.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie with a little brain eating action, Resident Evil Extinction will satisfy both your lust for entertainment, and possibly for flesh.



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