Going over my part in Clay Cart. I’m remembering some lessons I learned some years ago; or rather ways of looking at text; which I had abandoned; simple approaches that have taken on newer meanings; I’m sure because of the last few days of creative thinking. The images seem to have a fuller life to me; that I can not only “see”  the author’s intentions more clearly; but touch, taste, smell, feel them more completely. And it occurs to me that the text really is the “skeleton” on which the actor builds the “body” of the character. It’s funny, because all of these recent discoveries I have thought of, tried to implement before; but eventually discarded them for something else; but time and experience have given them renewed meaning. It’s not coming round to the same spot on a circle but to a similar spot on an upward spiral.


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I am artist of life, believing that the greatest contribution one could make to this world is to create one's own fully realized life. I'm a fairly easy person to get along with. I think of myself as pretty open to people and new experiences. I try to always look into myself; improve myself; find the best spiritually healthy choices. I believe that change is inevitable and I try to always be aware of the need to change. I want time to see how we do together; how we handle joy, sadness, forgiving or being forgiving, whether we really like each other as people. I'm attracted to intelligence; not just book smart, but also life smart. Someone whose soul is mostly calm; who can laugh at themselves and the world sometimes. A women whose comfortable with a man who needs to cry on her shoulder sometimes and can trust that I can be strong for her when the time arises. I look for adaptability in partners, their ability to sometimes go with the flow. I like to have things organized, but that doesn't have to be you; just as long as you remember not to turn off the alarm setting to get me up. Our initially contact is only the beginning of discovery; revealing, exciting, and fulfilling experiences one moment at a time. My religion: I was raised Baptist. During my life I have visited many spiritual places and have found them all to contain elements of reverence. I respect any spiritual journey; be it at church; in flower arrangement; on the golf course or in a forest clearing My education: I attended Middlebury College where I received a BA in Theater and a BA in Psychology after which I got my MFA in Acting at the Yale School of Drama . Humanity has been my greatest teacher, bringing to practice what I learn in theory. Favorite hot spots: Our local coffee shops. Some of my favorite places include New York, Paris, Vienna, Hawaii, Mexico, the Oregon Coast, and San Fran. I want to return to Europe and someday travel to Africa. I'd love to play golf in Scotland someday; see London Theater Favorite things: Smell after it rains; sunrise; sunsets at the coast; the sound of waves crashing; the flight of a well struck golf ball; soft tones of a lover; moments that move me to the soul; a problem solved; a moment of self-discovery; love Last read: Lots of plays; metaphysical books; science; some sci-fi; Tony Hillerman novels; anything that interest me at the moment, especially books that contain some mystic element, witty books with a tinge of angst
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