Rowan Academy

Rowan Academy…
An interactive Pre-School Program

Where a child learns to fly!

The Rowan Academy is designed to expose children to the many wonders of their world through interactive play and lessons using a solid educational foundation and a creative environment guiding their journey to discover the world around them. The Rowan Academycurriculum encourages freedom of expression, tolerance, values, exploration, and so much more! Our faith is important to us.  Raising our children in an atmosphere of faith and tolerance is perhaps the greatest gift we can give them. By embracing the individual educational needs of each child, we can play an active role in producing the next generation of leaders. We believe that a child can learn to fly when shown how to use their wings. Support and encouragement is a vital stepping stone to every child while they learn to make choices and try new experiences.
We here at the Rowan Academy believe that one-on-one learning is very important to a child’s development and growth. Our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 children so that a teacher can lift your child to his or her fullest potential.
We want you child to reach for stars!!!   Rowan Academy will help them get there!! Ages 3-5 (Must be potty trained)
Reading & Language Arts
Science Discovery
Dramatic Play
Art & Music
Magick & The Nature around us

Our focus is making the process of learning fun and exciting.
Open to all families interested in a foundational program (ABC’S & 123’s)
With an emphasis on Individuality, Openness, Creativity, and love.
A place where a child can spread their wings and fly!

Opening Fall 2008 (September)

For more information please contact Selyna Faola’n at or
come into The Rowan Tree at 33 N 3rd Street in Ashland, 488-5361

* Rowan Academy will never deny education based on religious, gender, racial, or other discriminatory practice.  “All are welcome!”

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Our Web Site and Calendar Our web site is located at, to the left of our main page is our buttons that look like books which open when you put your cursor over them. One of the buttons is our calendar. Rowan Tree Coven has very high standards of operation – if an event is on our calendar it is happening.
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