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My review for Talent Cafe’s breakfast: The toast was crunchy. The coffee was hot. The eggs were good. The end.


Just kidding.  I used to cook breakfast five days a week: I’m a much tougher customer.


Talent Cafe’s toast was not crunchy.  Mine was still white, and my breakfast companion’s was scarcely two shades darker.


The coffee, however, was excellent.  I don’t drink the stuff ‘I prefer a big glass of milk’ but my coffee quaffing friend raved about it.


The eggs were good, cooked perfectly, actually, if a tad under-salted.  In all fairness, I ordered the Mediterranean omelette without Klamath olives. Perhaps they usually balance out the herb vinaigrette, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and feta.  The omelette filling seemed undercooked, or possibly uncooked. A few extra moments in a hot pan with butter, salt, and pepper would have made a mile of difference.


My friend’s tofu and veggie scramble was likewise a touch bland, though the tofu itself was well prepared. Her home fries were boiled too long before hitting the sauté pan – the brown, outer crisp was delightful, but the mushy, watery potatoes beneath it were disappointing.


My hash browns, however, were golden and crispy, exactly what I expect.



The presentation was simple and clean, with a wedge of cantaloupe for garnish. A sprig of parsley or cilantro would’ve gone a long way towards balancing out the starches, fats, and sugars typically found in most diner breakfasts, but I was OK without it.

At a few coins shy of twenty dollars for two meals, Talent Cafe’s prices are comparable with local breakfast houses. You’re also paying for some above-average ambiance, with a dozen plate glass windows letting in plenty of natural light. The friendly and competent wait staff is definitely a plus.


Talent Café is located at 102 Talent Avenue in (duh) Talent. (541) 535-6310.




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