The Mustard Seed Cafe

I headed to Jacksonville hungry for a delicious breakfast. I decided to try a restaurant I’ve never been to before, and I am glad I did. The Mustard Seed Cafe has been in business since 1958, and has been a Jacksonville favorite for just as long. I made my way to the cafe around 10:00am, and was greeted by a friendly waiter, who wasted no time bringing me a cup of fresh coffee along with a menu.

As I sat there looking at the assortment of omelettes, pancake and French toast combos, I realized it had been years since I had been out to breakfast on my own. Usually, I enjoy the company of others when I am out, but having a nice, relaxing morning to myself was just what I needed. I pondered for what seemed like ten minutes as to whether I wanted a vegetarian omelette or French toast: I decided French toast was exactly what I needed.

The waiter promptly took my order and refreshed my quickly emptied coffee. I sat, sipping away, and observing the dining area. It was small, but spacious, and I loved a picture that hung just above the wall opposite me that read:

It’s one of the smallest seeds. However, when it has grown, it is taller than the garden plants. It becomes a tree that is large enough for birds to nest in…(Matthew 13:32)

I found later through my research of the verse, that it is from the New Testament, and refers to the mustard seed: How fitting.

My food arrived hot and plentiful; and I mean plentiful! My meal consisted of three large slices of French toast, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, four strips of bacon and three scrambled eggs. There was enough food to feed three people, and being that it was just myself, I took the remaining half to my mom.

Having been a resident of the Rogue Valley since I was one year old, I can’t believe I have overlooked such a great place to eat. After a great morning, I decided I need to take more time to explore the restaurants that I have overlooked, and to take more time for myself. Overall, I would highly recommend The Mustard Seed Café because of its small town atmosphere, hospitable staff and excellent food.


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