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What is Pulse Wave Therapy? What can it help?

The pulse wave machine is a unique tool; a non invasive (no needle) way to speed healing of soft tissues. How does it work? The machine sends an acoustic pulse through the injured tissues. This helps stimulate the tissues to heal, speeding up bone healing and soft tissue regeneration. The body sends blood cells to the area (vasodilation) and healing factors of nitric oxide, TGF-beta 1, VEGF and BMP-2 flood the area.

The body’s normal response to an injury is the attempt to heal. Circulation increases, and the body produces local inflammation. This first stage of healing continues for only the first 6-8 weeks. Whatever tissues are not fully healed, your progress after that is limited.

Can you get that original healing process to start up again? YES! That is where the pulse wave can help. When we apply pulse wave, we restart that process. It takes four or five treatments, and the maximum effect is going to be seen at 8 to 12 weeks. This is truly regenerative medicine.

This is not a panacea. You MUST do the right exercises, challenging the muscles and tendons; and we are happy to coach you. The right exercises help stimulate regeneration. We also need to check out the joints and muscles in the areas where you hurt. You may have joints that are stuck or misaligned and/or muscles, tendons and fascia that are gummed up and tight. We need to assess and treat those blockages.

This treatment is ideal for injuries that did not fully heal. It is primarily for tendons and ligaments and fascia. These tissues have a poorer blood supply than the muscles themselves. The most accurate diagnosis is tendinosis, rather than tendonitis. Itis means inflammation. Tendinosis is what is left when the healing does not complete. Think of tennis elbow, think of the Achilles tendon, the plantar fascia, think of the shoulder and the knee and hip. All of these areas develop tendinosis that persists. Come in and see if we can help you. We will only do the 4-5 pulse wave treatments if we think you are a good candidate.

Here is one story. “I’m a 75 year old woman, who had a knee replacement surgery on the R knee in 2016. I felt right away that something was wrong with my knee. It was very stiff and very tight. The surgeon said everything looked fine, but I never regained full ability to bend my knee. Since doing a series of pulse wave treatments, I’ve finally gotten relief from the tightness. I am able to sit down and get up with relative ease.  I’ve been able to go up and down stairs. I am bending my knee farther. Thanks, Dr. Matt.” – Dana T, Jan. 2020.

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