A Beautiful Crown in One Visit!

I’ve heard the horror stories of people going to the dentist to receive dentistry 40 or 50 years ago and the dentist did not use local anesthetic.  They talk about the process as though it was yesterday. These patients are always my favorite because they are often so pleased and appreciative of the advancements we’ve made in making dentistry a more comfortable process.

Much like the above scenario, restoring teeth with crowns or caps has changed in the same dramatic fashion. Fifty years ago, getting a crown involved a prep appointment where the tooth is shaped and a viscous impression material is used to make a model of the teeth, the teeth were temporized and the models were sent to a lab where they interpreted the desires of the dentist, patient, and the needs of the case to then make a crown.  A later appointment was then scheduled where the temporary was removed and the crown was fitted for cementation. Even with the best efforts of the dentist and good quality lab technicians, there were several steps in the process that were both out of the control of the dentist, and could alter the fit of the restoration and possibly compromise the prognosis of the tooth.

For those who use the latest available technology, they have not only improved the convenience of this treatment, they have improved the predictability and quality by removing many of the steps that can and often do make an ideal restoration harder to achieve.  The technology that I am referring to is called CEREC.  The process involves using a highly accurate digital video imaging device that painlessly scans the tooth and mouth with no viscous impression material.  The virtual impression is then used to analyze the prepared tooth, create a crown to restore the tooth to full shape and health, and a diamond milling unit to prepare a solid block of factory hardened porcelain to the desired specifications.  All of this is done in one appointment, without the use of a temporary or a secondary appointment.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Beyond the amazing 3D imaging and cool CAD/CAM equipment there are significant advantages to using this technology.

Convenience: Unlike lab-manufactured crowns, patients do not need to wait weeks to receive their restoration. There is only one numbing process and often other fillings and work can be accomplished while the milling and glazing is accomplished for your crown.  Although appointments are longer they are often more efficient.

Predictable: Part of the efficiency and effectiveness of CEREC®-fabricated crowns is the predictability. Not only are patients receiving a crown that fits and functions in sync with the surrounding teeth, but they are also receiving a restoration that looks just like their natural tooth. We can create the anatomy of a tooth or we can actually copy the anatomy of a tooth that already fits your bite.

In most cases CEREC provides us with the best opportunity to predictably and beautifully restore your mouth.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or make an appointment for a consultation.

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