A Passionate Life: A viewpoint from Italy

I write this on the train leaving Vernazza, Italy after 5 magical days in the Italian Riviera.  The people there are so full of life and love and live more passionately than any culture I know.  They express themselves freely, feeling all emotions, and have a love of beauty and laughter and live in community.  It is this absolute “YES!” to life that is what excites me about being in practice and helping people remember.

With all of the daily stresses of that come with life, piled upon all of our past traumas, our nervous systems become stuck in a state of fight or flight, or survival mode.  In this state, not only is our physical health compromised, but our ability to feel all of our emotions, to live with more love, passion and connection is also much less.  We have a limited perception of the possibilities of who we are and what we can create in our lives.  The part of our brain that tells us to make different, healthier choices, which is also the same part of the brain that helps us experience gratitude, forgiveness and compassion, is also not as activated, and we are less able to express emotion, be confident and live from a place of passion.

Through Network Spinal Analysis, the nervous system learns a very sophisticated language that helps us to see ourselves and life from a new viewpoint.  We get connected to how we want to live from our souls, rather than from what culture tells us is right.  We remember that “YES!”, and are inspired to move in this life with unbridled passion and joy! It is from this place that we are then inspired to give love and serve humanity. This is my intention when I work with you. The pain and symptom is only the messenger saying “It’s time to remember who you are and why you are here!”  Because why not! This is your life…. Make it the one of your dreams.

Dr. Erin Pollinger

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