About Dr. Erin

As a Chiropractor:

I have been studying Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration for 20 years and practicing for 16. It is a burning passion of mine to assist people in being able to be with their pain in a new way, so that they can hear its message and finally make the change in their life that the pain is reminding them cannot wait any longer. The purpose of pain is to interrupt your life so that you start to pay more attention and begin to move from ordinary to extraordinary. The work that I do helps your nervous system reorganize so that your posture can move from survival mode into ease, where the higher centers of the brain are activated and you can see yourself and life with a new perspective. There is then more energy available to feel more emotion, make the changes you were unable to make before and create a life that you love! As a chiropractor, I help you move in the world with greater passion and excitement, so you can give your gifts on purpose and be connected to something greater than yourself.

As a Transformational Coach:

My coaching program, 90 Days to Ultimate Alignment, was designed to provide greater one-on-one support for women to translate the work we do on the table more tangibly out into life. The 3-month program is all about empowering women to reclaim a life of vitality, passion and freedom. When we are out of alignment physically, we play small and feel stuck and don’t let ourselves dream big. It is then that we feel pain in our bodies, are tired and feel hopeless that things can change. I help women feel free- physically and financially. I help them reconnect to what they truly desire and settle for nothing less. This program is for women who are ready like never before to make the decision to play full out, feel amazing in their bodies and make the money they desire, doing what really lights them up! Are YOU ready?

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