AIFF 2008 Opening Night Bash

I was able to attend the AIFF Opening Night Bash. This is the first time I have attended the event, even though I have lived in the Valley since I was one.


The night was a frenzy of people trying to make their way from table to table, trying to see how much wine, cheese and other delicacies they could sample before the night was through. It was…interesting.

Rogue Creamery was a spotlight of the event, and was found on almost every table, accompanied by different wines, ales, spreads and more. I have been a fan of the creamery since I was young, and wasn’t surprised to see that it was a giant success with the crowd.

Music was provided by Thieves of Sleep which was interesting. It was different, but I liked it.


There were a myriad of wines available from Roxy Ann Winery to one of my favorites, Griffin Creek. A couple that I know grows for this winery, and i was pleased to hear they have just opened a tasting room in Jacksonville. Congratulations Don & Trautie!

In all, the night was a huge success. I am thankful for the opportunity to experience one of Ashland’s most successful (and popular) events. However, I doubt that I will do it again. It simply wasn’t “my cup of tea”, or should I say “my glass of wine?”



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**You can view more pictures from the 2008 AIFF Opening Night Bash in the gallery.

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