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AneeahseahAneeahseah had the good fortune to be born a sixth generation Australian to an American WWII GI stationed in New Guinea and an Australian mother.  From there she and her family moved to America the Beautiful at the young age of five.  Following an eventful upbringing, at the age of 17 she suffered a tragic “near death” experience (Aneeahseah laughingly calls it her ‘dear-death’ experience).  In this remarkable awakening, Aneeahseah experienced “other-worldly” cognition of a place and space beyond this world filled with extreme love, loving deities, guides and angels in a place she came to understand as High-Heaven and far beyond. She returned with awe inspiring “spiritual gifts” including abilities to hear & see beyond this reality, to cognize cosmic conscious truths, to read the “akashic records” and as a channel for remarkable healing and expanded teachings. 

Five years after this blessed awakening Aneeahseah had another of what was to be a life-long process of profound Awakenings that continue to this day.  She clearly understood her path was to “process, define & deliver” all the information she was blessedly granted when she ‘passed’ from this life into the next. 

As you can imagine, these experiences changed her point of view of life and her very own existence forever.  She resumed her life and has most recently spent the past several decades traveling this and other (inner) worlds and sharing the experiences, vision and her vast wisdom and leadership.  

Aneeahseah now calls Ashland home and is the founder and director of The Invincibility Series. I spoke with Aneeahseah to learn more about her life, her experience and her abundant gift of sharing.

Aneeahseah, thank you for speaking with us today. You have had very extraordinary experiences in your life.  Can you talk about your trials and tribulations and how you have come out the other side with the gifts you now offer?

Thank you so much for interviewing me.  Yes, I have had extraordinary experiences AND I can respect your question though I have a much different way of looking at the subject.  Trials and tribulations ARE the foundation to which I speak in the Invincibility Series.  The human challenges you ask about are the basis for the work I now enjoy as my calling and as the pivotal time-space where I learned there were many ways of going forward uplifting difficulties.  I could have gone by the way of my brother or sister who both died tragically over the past 15 years.  One through their own hand and the other still a question of exactly what happened (self-induced or a victim of others) after 27 years on a therapist’s couch. I could have gone to pain and suffering, trials and tribulations as a way of life.  I could have, instead I got a bird’s-eye-view of life; its patterning of conditioning, the way things were and are and the causal relationship between our words, thoughts, feelings and programming by self and others.  This view I learned at the hand of the ‘dear-death’ experience I had when I literally “saw” through God’s eyes.  I was given the pristine wisdom, simply stated, that whatever I focused upon had caused, thorough epi-genetics, a  predisposition to the death-situation, and, more importantly, how I changed my speaking, conditioning, feelings and thoughts in the future would present me with the life I had hoped to live.  From that time forward I opted to spend the majority of my time focusing upon that which I love, that which was wholesome, powerful, joyous and healing.  Did I fall from that platform from time to time over the past 4+ decades, yes!  AND, the first tenet of Invincibility Series is to practice forgiveness through a simple mind and heart reframing, entitled TF (stands for Forgiven, Forgivable, Forgiving) with accompanying techniques that quell and shift judgment.  The moment I find myself in the tangle of judgment of myself or another, I’m already on the path to heal that.  Awareness, and as we call it:  Awareness that I am aware, is key on this path.

WEB-invincibility_2Your approach to life and the current times we live in is very practical. Can you please talk to us about why and how you go about this? 

I believe we are blessed to be living in a time preparing us for the golden age of Enlightenment.  In fact, I believe it is upon us now, as my Divine guidance reveals.  In times like these it is imperative that we all learn the Truth of ourselves.  We are ALL One with that which created us!  We are “spirit having a human experience” as the saying goes.  Now, having said that, I remind us all, this is the time for us to rise into unified focus upon what we love, not what we hate; focused upon what brings us joy, not upon what we fear.  In these times we benefit from what I call “Ancient Wisdom” focused in a Modern Day Way and application.  It’s imperative to remember these are times so unlike the times of the origins of ancient wisdom.  That being said, we now are best served to make sure we have a plan, a program if you will, that assists us to focus upon the desired outcome, not upon the “what we don’t want to happen”.   Living in love and as love in joy is THE way to assure your realization of this no longer illusive ‘Enlightenment through Freedom!”  Having passed from human existence through cancer that ravaged my body and returning, then going on to become a master of entrepreneurial success and leaving all that behind to become more One with God, I have the wisdom and practice of walking in both worlds.  So many think they have to shave their heads or don mystical wardrobes to be the spiritualist and evolutionary human being.  What one does have to do to achieve personal, professional and mystical freedom, in this teacher’s opinion, is to discover all that we truly are and to forgive what we do not love and celebrate what we do love thereby living in mastery, not in victimization! Simplistic, right?   Your wonderful interview encouraged me to consider and coin a new Invincibility phrase: “Extraordinary is the new & authentic ordinary.”  We all are perfectly flawed.  When we attempt to cover-up, fix and live by any other’s version of who we ought to be, we enter the pathway to painful and devolved living.  When we instead love who we are, make sure we are the very best we can be and help & lead by our example, both ourselves and the others awaiting personal forgiveness and freedom are liberated.  In answer to “how” do we go about this, my answer is:  Simple!!!  The Invincibility Series has many aspects of teachings, trainings, processes and self-healings; from conceptual to tactical.  We make this work easy, fun and as we say, for Every One!  And we mean it.  Anyone, who will but open their minds and apply the wisdom is capable of achieving the success they seek.

Can you tell us about your own name?  What does it mean and where did it come from?

 In a world where life has become “walking meditations” I discovered my name.   The essence of my teachings is in the name.   It means “Having overcome adversity, one who (now) walks with God.” When one says my name they are also proclaiming their own connection to their own personal Spiritual Path Oneness.

invincibility_3Aneeasheah, what is self realization?  Also, what does self realization exactly mean in terms of today’s modern age and time?

I touched upon this above and now I move more deeply into this subject.  Ask 10 spiritual leaders and you’ll likely get 10 different answers.  The words Self Realization, in the Invincibility Series tradition, is the unfolding, unwrapping, unraveling of the remarkable gift we each are, unto ourselves revealed and then to all others as a result of this revelation.  “To know my own self, is to love myself” is the love song of the Invincibilite (Light of the Invincibility Series practitioner).  So much in life we are relegated to stand up to someone else’s critique of which we are.  When we clear the inner self’s judgment through the many tenets of the Invincibility Series, we are no longer attracting the negative assessment of anyone.  Not of ourselves, not of others.  This, then, is self-realization at a basic and all important first-step level of attainment.  From there, and from the beginning programs of “Got Freed-Aum?”, we clear through to our “Inner Circle” and advanced programs.  We create openings, through which the practitioner travels, to bring the true and meaningful person you are to the outer levels of your conscious awareness.  Once necessary to go deep into obscurity to attain this process, self-realization, it is now more for public lived-life (called householder) more available to the masses as we are bringing this awareness level to all.  By we, I mean all of us who are spiritualists and mystics knowing and bringing in the Self-Realization into Golden Age of Enlightenment.

First steps:  Self-Forgiveness into Self-Love into Self-Realization.  Enter the life you have only dreamed possible.  It’s right here, inside you!  We show you how, step by step and into another world where steps are not even encountered, at the true and magnificent you!

As you have grown and changed what are some of the human challenges you have faced in your daily life?

My heart has been deeply saddened along the way as I see broken human beings believing they are relegated to a certain fate.  They are not.  I was born to an addiction based, co-dependent and enabling family with so many problems.  I became who I am as a teacher so I could make a change in the world where I was unable to do so in my family.  You know the saying, a prophet is never recognized in its own village.  My NLP teacher once said of me that I searched the world for answers I could apply to my teachings to the benefit of my students.  This is SO true!   Although I had to survive abuse as a child, anorexia, addictions, massive cancer and loss of several loved ones, way, way too early, by applying the wisdom I have synthesized and developed that I now teach, I have become more genuine, authentically in love with myself & my world, more forgiving, more a walking testament to the work.  I see the Invincible potential and truth in each being.

It is my human challenge as you call it, to let people have the work and to shower them with the potential of achievement in all the ways I do AND to let each one stride as they will along the path they themselves choose.

How do you go about guiding your own students through their own work and what suggestions do you like to make?

I utilize a series of tenets and techniques of the Invincibility Series, both concretely tactical, for the ardent procedural amongst us, as well as conceptual for the expanded thinkers and gradations of these two extremes for every single one in between.  You see, the Invincibility Series was created by my synthesizing life’s teachings from other teachers to my own very remarkable cognized experience in meditations and mystical awareness.  Utilizing my “perfectly flawed” approach combined with “Extraordinary is the new Authentic Ordinary” each person is moved with the understanding that they already have ALL that is necessary.  Regaled with stories of my own and other leader’s lives and the movement from tragedy to triumph, from obscurity to remark ability, all this helps guide my students.  In addition they have live and powerful experiences of the work as we go through the day long or multiple day long Invincibility Series programs, allowing them to understand they are capable, remarkable and successful before they ever leave the room!

Offering real solutions, tips and realistic techniques for living in reality is an important part of your work. What are some of your favorite tips and techniques that you offer to your own students?

First, I offer the never give up technique.  I’m so inspired by the many that have traversed the seeming life of tragedy, trouble and adversity and still attained what they sought:  The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps said Thomas Edison after inventing it following those 1,000 unsuccessful attempts.  Daniel Boone was said to have been asked by a reporter if he had ever been lost.  He pondered that and said, “No, but I once was bewildered for three days.”  And our contemporary champion for never quitting:  Diana Nyad, 64 young years old, tried swimming 110 miles, 53 hours from Cuba to Florida for 35 years without full success until now, 2013!!!  The power of succeeding is astonishing and exhilarating to the human being.  So astounding that the small self believes the True Self stands proud of the being we are and more greatness is born in those miraculous moments of triumph!  The how-to of not quitting is at the core of our work.  When faced with so much seemingly against our evolution from pain to joy, the practices we offer work virtual miracles.  We have practices to help us stay the course of all important teachings.  We have the essence of life here and now; teachings in which we transcend our mind and enter into the world of true us, bathing our precious being with life-giving prana, soma and communion with the Great-One we are.  We have daily reminders in the form of a work-book to gently remind us of our self commitments.  And, the list goes on. . .

Aneeahseah, how does any of this work interfere or work in unison with one’s own spirituality? 

As any of us delve into our Truest Self we each become more of what we intended to become.  We each set that course through our own Will.  These practices enhance our lives as we desire.  This includes what our own spiritual path may call for as in the case of many devout religious paths, this work simply aligns us more to the Will of the Deity of one’s worship.  I have students who are: Christian, Jewish, Kabala, Jehovah’s Witness, Tibetan and Japanese Buddhists, and Hindu, to name a few.  This path of Invincibility invites each one to know and pursue their love of their religious alignment.  We believe in One Truth, many paths!

Often times your work and teachings have created adulation for yourself.  What has this experience been like for you and what message are you continually working to share with the world?

True, Shields, this is a situation that arises.  While I firmly believe in the path of discipline, honor and respect as a vitally important step to assure the student achieves what it is that they seek, it can lead to a slippery slope.  Giving praise and respect never diminishes the practitioner who is balancing, healing and uplifting the condition of their life.  I myself practice the path of respect, honor and deep gratitude to the ancestors, wisdom-holders and givers and all paths of great light.  It is a vitally important position to honor teacher and teachings while also honoring one ’s self.  I believe and have experienced that one may not be able to achieve great wisdom mastery if they do not value the teachings and the teacher-wisdom bringer and themselves.  Ego has a great time with this one.  The truth is, we are all equal.  We have each just come with various conditionings, veils and issues that we need to and will penetrate as we practice this and other great wisdom.  Following the path of great honor of all beings, of teachings and work we love is the way to go into our own empowered freedom and light here on earth.

Talk to us about the Invincibility Series.  What is it and how does it work?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my favorite subject!  The Invincibility Series is both my avocation and vocation!  My Calling and my Career!  I love to say that one is able to attend a 5 hour Seminar, Got Freed-Aum?, or a 3 day Retreat, Modern Day Mystic, and reap the benefits of all of the wisdom gained during my ‘dear-death’ experience, of my remarkable entrepreneurial success, my several decade stint living in an extremely focused high spiritual studies center and the vast amount of finances expended gaining what I attained.

This life I’ve lived is what I teach.  How-to’s from Tragedy to Triumph, from obscurity to powerful notoriety, from pain and suffering to joy and peace, or from some success to attracting more of what you love.  Tactically, each step of the way, how-to, what-to. . . for each level of progression. . . that’s how it goes here.  We ask:  Where are you now?  What are you frustrated with? What’s not working?  What is working?  To this foundation we ask you to consider what you would like to accomplish this year. . . what is your dream?  We expertly escort you through all that has stopped you from these attainments previously.  We utilize the tenets of Invincibility Series which are intercessions (softer interventions) that pattern interrupt your conditioning, techniques, guided visualizations and neuro-pathway extension to create the dreams of your life-come-true, fun as well as entertaining dissertations, meditations, yoga, ki & chi & breath-works to name some of the most popular and highly successful parts of our work.

We assure that you feel calm and collected while you are introduced to a new frontier, the right brain and balancing the right-left hemispheres to have you create out of a space & place that you may not be accessing or are currently utilizing at a diminished capacity.  I call that the BEZ (Beyond Einstein Zone).  From this place all new worlds can and will be developed right inside of your existing world.  You know the quote Einstein is credited with:  “A problem cannot be solved with the same mind that created the problem in the first place.”  This then speaks to the wonders of these and volumes more of the Invincibility Series work.

WEB-invincibility_4What can someone expect to learn when coming to one of your classes, lectures, seminars or retreats?

Through the study of The Invincibility Series, one is able to change the course of their future and re-design their destiny to align with their innermost dreams and desires.

One can also expect to get to know all about themselves in ways they may not have considered yet.  Like this prayer states, “Dear God, please reveal all the truth about these students, no matter how beautiful, how incredible and how good that truth is!”

Once we get that we are already fundamentally good, happy, healthy, wealthy and awakening, all we have to do is get out of the way of that truth.  It becomes easy to accept the good we are!  Once we learn the truth, we will find ourselves in a situation of being either enchanted by who we are or aghast.  Either finding elicits a next step, the step you are on.  That step then assists the practitioner in preparing for the ensuing journey.  It may be a pathway of any of the following Invincible Laws: Love, Forgiveness, Self Love, Preference, Certainty, Attraction, Gratitude and Momentum.

Another blessing of working with me is that I deliver the trainings and high wisdom extemporaneously.  This way, although there is an outline of what to expect as the program goes on, I rapidly and expertly respond to the collective consciousness of the group I’m with and that way the teachings are always fresh, pertinent and readily available to each one in the audience.  I’ll teach for four or five hours for three days never using a script.  I have vast resources of this world and beyond and am here to teach us that we have the same assets within us that are readily available to us.

The Invincibility Series assists in our releasing of the blocks and conditionings that have previously kept us from self-realizing.  From that state of clarity our bright, new futures are carved from the precious material of our life!

How do you hope to inspire people who are reading this interview now?

 My goal of being in this interview is to have all people who have overcome or who are seeking to overcome some type of adversity be inspired that there is a way.  To know that this is a one-stop-shop, if you will, to receive wisdom from one who has walked and continues to walk the path of both Heaven AND Earth, right here, right now.  The New Ordinary IS the Authentic Extraordinary.  In other words, this is the time, your world is calling to you, and here are the gifts I received throughout the past 45 years, including on my death bed and more importantly how I applied all that to my LIFE and how you can too!  Nothing is insurmountable!  Everything can be accomplished!  From the tactical to the conceptual, right brain to left and to a brilliant fusion of all worlds to bring you to your own True Freedom.  I am dedicated to bringing you to YOU, to the life you have only just begun to consider as possible.  I tell you, it is!

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Hi, I am Shields. I am the creator or LocalsGuide. The mission or my company is to provide a positive media platform for my community which in turn makes it stronger and more resilient. I hope you will enjoy and feel inspired to start your own LocalsGuide in your town or community.

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