Are you interested in facilitating positive and meaningful change in the lives of others?  Are you looking for a professional career opportunity that provides you with unique freedom and flexibility? Do you enjoy working with people and being of service? You may want to consider a career in hypnotherapy. Now more than ever, hypnotherapists are finding themselves as highly valued team members both in mainstream and alternative care practices. Compared to other forms of therapy, hypnotherapy is the choice for a wide range of issues – from habit change, to recovery from illness, to personal transformation.

For over a decade, the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy has provided high-quality training in the field. Some students have even traveled from as far as Australia, Mexico and Canada to train with us.

A recent student testimonial read:

“An extraordinary and life changing course taught by a wise and kind master of hypnotherapy, whose life, presence, and every action is testament to both the power of the work and her profound skill.” -Rachel Davies

With 2017 enrollment now open, the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy is offering some exciting trainings.  The programs are a great opportunity to begin or further your career in hypnotherapy. We met with school owner and director Rochelle Jaffe to learn more about the upcoming trainings, as well as to learn more about her long and rich history as a hypnotherapist, director and teacher.

The Ashland School of Hypnotherapy is a decade old now. What first inspired you to teach, and what has kept you in love with your career after all these years?

I’ve seen so many profound healings and transformations through hypnotherapy, as a teacher and in my private practice, that my inspiration deepens over time.

When we want to create change, we need to find a way to go deeper, to connect with our creative unconscious, and to bring what we learn into the world in a way that’s curious, alive, and supportive of our whole being.  That’s what hypnotherapy does, and at the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, we teach these skills.

I first discovered hypnotherapy as a counselor.  I found that, as I was working with people, I would sometimes go into a deeper state myself.  My voice and cadence would change, and I would find that words flowed easily.  I would watch my clients going into a similar state.  They would become very relaxed, quiet and inward, and have those ‘aha’ experiences.  They’d come back the next week, and report that things had really changed, and would want to do the same thing again.  I’ve since learned that the process that happened spontaneously in those sessions is what we cultivate in hypnotherapy.

When we’re up in our heads, it’s very hard to transform. Hypnotherapy helps us get into a deep state of inner quiet – a deeper sense of inner knowing. We have more clarity and more capacity for insight and for change when we are in that state. I received training and have gained much experience since then, and now teach these skills to others.

Now more than ever, hypnotherapists are playing important roles in both mainstream and alternative fields of health. Please say more.

We train counselors and social workers, doctors, nurses, massage therapists and energy workers.  We train health professionals that want to add hypnotherapy to their existing practices, and those who’d like to begin a new career helping others.  Some of our students also come for personal reasons – to immerse themselves in hypnotherapy training for their own knowledge and growth.

Our graduates work in hospitals and doctors’ offices, as well as in private practice.  Their work ranges from medical specialities (including relieving pain, improving sleep, and promoting healing) to deep, transformative personal work and habit change.

Ashland School of Hypnotherapy has been described as “highly professional and well-structured, deeply heartfelt and personally transformative.” Say more.

Our trainings are highly interactive and designed for ease of learning and integration.  Students receive a rich variety of learning experiences – lecture, discussion, demonstrations, and practice. All of the online materials, including videos and powerpoints, are available for reference after the course ends, so the education continues. Our goal is to graduate students who feel confident in their abilities as hypnotherapists. And, the training doesn’t end when students graduate. We also offer our graduates free teleseminars, and advanced short courses.

While being well-grounded in hypnotic language and techniques is vital, change takes place through the whole experience of a session.  Our training is rooted in the philosophy that each person – student and client – holds the keys to their own development. The power and beauty of hypnotherapy is in its ability to bring out those qualities so that they can be utilized for healing and transformation.  It’s at the heart of everything we teach.

Hypnotherapy works! At the beginning of each training, we encourage students to become their own laboratories – to utilize what they’re learning in their own lives, and to see its effect for themselves.  The hypnotic state is much like meditation.  It’s deep and peaceful.  The mental chatter becomes quieter, and there’s a sense of contact with something beneath and beyond our usual waking mind. When students enter this state as they practice both receiving and giving sessions in the training, it begins to extend into their daily lives. As their skills develop, they receive the benefits personally.  We refer to it as the side effect of hypnotherapy – in working to transform the lives of others, we are also transformed.

You’ve received some extraordinary feedback from your students.  Will you please share some recent testimonials with us?

“So much has happened since the 200-hour class I was part of in 2012.  And your past-life regression class a year later….  But what I want you to know, and the reason for this message, is that the compassionate, loving foundation you put in place in those early classes is what I draw on most and consider the greatest foundational gift of all.  I have never advertised my services.  My clients are all word-of-mouth recommendations.  I assume every soul who walks through my door is there by divine appointment.  You didn’t teach that in so many words.  But you modeled it.  I am forever grateful.  I love you.” -Sharon Medhi

“This class was so much more than learning to be a great hypnotherapist!  It was genuinely life-transforming for me and I will be eternally grateful to Rochelle.”  -Kristi Mosley, R.N.

“Excellent program! Very solidly structured, extremely well-delivered, profoundly valuable not only as professional training, but as a deeply transformative and significant personal experience.  I have trained in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe, and this is definitely one of the best trainings I have ever attended.” Dr. Laura Calderon de la Barca

“An extraordinary and life changing course taught by a wise and kind master of hypnotherapy, whose life, presence, and every action is testament to both the power of the work and her profound skill.” -Rachel Davies

The first course you’re offering this year is ‘In The Presence of Dying’. Tell us more.

This training offers a profound way to offer the ancient art of healing companionship. Hypnotherapy provides an essential healing practice that opens the doors of possibility to provide what people most want and need during this stage of life. With hypnotherapy you can provide respite from pain and suffering, a supportive way to process feelings, to prepare for passage, and to value and enjoy the time that’s available.

This course is for hypnotherapists, hospice workers, counselors, social workers, nurses, doctors and other health practitioners that work with terminally ill and dying patients, family and caregivers of elderly and end of life patients, and others who are interested in this work for personal and professional reasons.

You are now offering a new coaching course with national certification in hypnotic coaching. Please tell us about this.

I’m very excited about this course. Hypnotic coaching supports and inspires clients to live from their deepest calling. Each of us has immesurable resources of energy, wisdom and ability waiting to be set in motion. As Hypnotic Coaches, we help our clients utilize these resources to facilitate change and realize their potential.

We are offering both a ‘Hypnotic Coach’ training for beginners, and a ‘Master Hypnotic Coach’ training for those who are already certified as hypnotherapists.

Rochelle, please tell us about your other upcoming trainings.

Certainly. Our two other courses that we’re offering this year are our core offering- the Professional Hypnotherapist Training- and Past Life Regression.

The Professional Hypnotherapist Training, which begins June 4th, is one of our most extensive courses.  In two in-person week-long trainings, and 10 weeks of online training, you’ll become a certified hypnotherapist.  This course prepares you to work with hypnotherapy in many areas, including habit change, resolving issues from the past, experiencing greater peace and well-being, and personal growth and mastery.

Our Past Life Regression course is a 5 day training that prepares participants to give Past Life Regression sessions to others, and receiving sessions in the process. It’s an amazing, transformative experience for the recipient, and the practitioner.

Rochelle, something unique about your school is that you have built in a marketing training for your practitioners. Please say more.

Early on I realized the importance of supporting students in developing a viable career when they graduate. We built in a full-on marketing program into our professional trainings.  Students learn marketing techniques, and begin to develop their own marketing program for their practice.  They learn ways to utilize hypnotherapy to create a vision, a plan, and to put it into action.  Besides the nuts and bolts of marketing, we found that the inner experiences of confidence, trust in their ability to provide an important service, and to be well-reimbursed for their work have all been important issues, which we address.  In addressing the students’ personal preparation for starting a practice, they learn valuable hypnotic coaching skills that they can then use with their clients, helping them to create their own visions, and to carry them out.

Rochelle, you’re using cutting-edge learning methods for some of your courses, combining in-person and online training.  Can you tell us about them?

At the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, our longer courses now offer a combination of online and in-person training. This gives our students the best of both worlds – in-person training to receive the direct teaching and experience that you can only get this way, and online training so that your learning can be done at your best pace and timing.  During the online training, you’ll stay connected and well-structured through teleseminars, sessions exchanges with others students, and personal contact with your instructor. We use the same platform as the university for our courses, which is very easy to navigate, and offers many learning options.  We also have a private YouTube channel with great videos of sessions, tutorials and more.  Some hypnotherapy schools have developed online trainings that are simply videos of in-person trainings.  Our online training is specifically developed to be most effective for students while they’re studying at home.

The accreditations of the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy are national. What does this mean?

All of the classes at the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy are certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) and the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH). We can also provide CEUs for most health professionals. To maintain our certification, ACHE reviews all of our classes and instructors biannually.  Their standards are highly respected in the field, so students are assured of receiving quality training.  This certification also means that you can practice anywhere in the country, and in many places around the world.

Last but not least, what are the next steps someone should take if they would like to learn more or begin enrollment?

We welcome your calls and emails. You can reach us at 541 488 3180 and Please visit our website:

Learn More:
Ashland School of Hypnotherapy
285 Skycrest Dr, Ashland, OR
(541) 488-3180

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