Aye Aye Captain

We headed up to Hyatt Lake today. Its a great place to explore in a canoe, jump in for a swim or just fish around.

While went to the far dock in the camp area near camp spot one.
On the dock we ran into Ron & Marilyn Bolstad, who along with "Captain" Richard Cook, A former sailing instructor from SOU were up for the day to test out their small sailing boat.

It looked like fun, so I took some shots..

The boat is originally hand built from an Australian kit made by its former owner and Ashland resident, Julian Henry.

Many of you may know either Ron, Marilyn, or Richard. Ron and Richard were both retired SOU professors while Marilyn worked in the Jackson County Library system.

Richard aka "Captain" hook reports that in total he has instructed 14,687 students in the art of sailing!!

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