Community Wellness Faire

Lotus White, hypnotherapist and intuitive healing therapist, agreed to speak with me recently about why the creation of a local Wellness Faire became a personal goal.

When I returned to the Rogue Valley after having lived for two years in Kauai I realized that our community of healers was in need of a uniting force to interface with each other as well as the community at large. While in Kauai I had had the opportunity to experience the positive results that participating in a weekly gathering of practitioners offered. Being able to connect with one another and those in need of our services proved to be an invaluable gift.

The Wellness Faire offers a wide variety of healers, intuitive readers and natural health practitioners in a sacred container in which our community and local practitioners can connect and share resources, wisdom and healing. The reasonably priced mini-sessions have proven to be a significant resource as well.

How are the practitioners chosen?

Each potential participant is asked to fill out a questionnaire and provide us with credentials and work histories. We have been extremely fortunate to have so many high caliber practitioners respond and become part of our effort.

Are there other advantages to this kind of a gathering?

Being able to meet someone, rather than merely picking a name out of the phone book, offers us the opportunity to assess what kind of connection we may have with that person. When we experience a taste of their healing modality, energy, and presence in a mini-session we have the ability to make a selection based upon more than just an intellectual process.The mini-session also offers those whose personal economies do not allow them a full range of healing treatment to receive essential support which can help them access a new level of balance and harmony in their lives.

What changes in the healing community have you observed in the four months that the Wellness Faire has been in existence?

There really is no “one size fits all” when it comes to healing, and the ability to network with other practitioners is one of the reasons we established the Wellness Faire. There are many times I may choose to recommend a potential client see another healer or energy worker. With the abundance of healing practitioners, energy workers and intuitive readers in our community, being able to network together as a group has created stronger relationships and opportunities to provide for those in need.

What will the next Wellness Faire include?

There will be an amazing group of musicians who will provide a concert of healing sound throughout the three days. We will also have many speakers offering presentations on health related topics, as well a variety of demonstrations including healing movement and wellness products. Garden fresh meals prepared by Andy’s Alchemy will also be available during the weekend.
As always there is no charge to attend the Wellness Faire. We look forward to seeing old friends who have joined us in the past, as well as those who have not yet been a part of this wonderful community event.

For more information on the upcoming Wellness Faire, August 17, 18 & 19, held in conjunction with the 6th Annual Peace Festival at Jackson WellSprings, please visit or call Lotus White at (541) 708-1393.

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