Disco Organica @ The Mobius!!

Disco Organica @ The Mobius.Â


Driving home after covering the Ashland Avengers on Saturday night, I passed The Mobius in Ashland. I knew I’d missed The Hackensaw Boys, but Disco Organica would still be playing. Naturally, I turned around and stopped by The new Mobius at 140 Lithia Way (where the old Mojo Rising used to be) to snap a few pictures and say hello.

Disco Organica hails from Eugene, and they’re touring the West Coast in support of their full-length disc, Soul Frog.  They’re a tasty cocktail of jazz, R&B, blues, funk, and soul. Â

Disco Organica @ The MobiusDisco Organica @ The MobiusÂ

So tasty, in fact, that I couldn’t help swinging as soon as I stepped inside. I’m not a big dancer, but these guys are worth showing off my “square” dancing.

I couldn’t stick around long, but I had a nice chat with the proprietor, Jason, about the local scene. It seems big things are just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled for a LocalsGuide/Mobius collaboration.

…but I’ve already said too much.

I’ll be around town checking out the tunes and people. Don’t be shy—come drop some knowledge on me. I’m the one snapping pictures and taking notes, probably wearing black, handing out LG schwag, and picking someone’s brain.

 Disco Organica @ The MobiusÂ


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