Dr. Erin Pollinger – What is my pain telling me?

Dr. Erin Pollinger is from New York, where she lived until she was 19.  She then moved to the west coast and found her first Network Chiropractor.  It so profoundly changed her life that she knew that this was how she was going to serve others. After graduating Life Chiropractic College West in 1999, she practiced for a year in Berkeley, CA, prior to giving birth to her daughter, Willow.  She arrived at in Ashland in April 2001 to join the team at Hidden Springs Wellness Center.

Q. What do you think is the cause of pain?

A: Pain can have a lot of causes, since it is our body’s way of getting our attention. Of course, physical trauma causes pain immediately. But most of us also suffer pain that arises from old behaviors, patterns, thoughts and ways of being that have thrown our systems out of balance. For example, if you work at a job you hate, if you are compromised in a relationship that has become stagnant or abusive, or if you are just not taking care of yourself with good nutrition and exercise, your body will warn you… with pain! The pain has a message for you: “Stop.  Pay Attention.  Do Something Different!”
Q. What can I do to relieve that kind of pain?
A:  Listen to what your body is telling you! But that is not always so easy to do. Sometimes we need something to help us connect with our body. Personally, I’ve found that Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) can be extremely effective for connecting people with their bodies and releasing the pain connected to old counterproductive behaviors. In fact, I became an NSA practitioner because it helped me years ago when nothing else did.
Q: What happened?
A: At age 19, I found myself in constant physical pain, emotionally disconnected, and making terrible choices in my life.  After trying just about everything, I began a series of Network Chiropractic sessions.  Within months, my body was almost pain free, I felt joyful and connected, and I spontaneously began making healthier choices. The transformation was so profound that I simply knew I had to become a Network Chiropractor and offer this amazing service to others.
Q: Has this been your full time career since then?
A: Yes. I began studying Network Spinal Analysis 18 years ago and have practiced now for 13 years, 12 at the Hidden Springs Wellness Center.  Besides helping people begin to feel better in their bodies, I educate them to understand what their pain is about, so they can learn from it and live in a more authentic, energized and inspired way.  I feel blessed that I get to do what I feel most passionate about.
Q. How exactly does NSA change old patterns?
A: It works to reorganize your nervous system and teach your body a new language for transforming pain, so you can be in the world in a radically new way. You learn to listen to your body and become aware of specific shifts that you are ready to make to sustain health. Pain is often just a signal that you have missed– a signal for change. NSA not only helps you shift, but trains your nervous system to be able to change patterns over time.
Q: How does it do this?
A: There are three levels of reorganization that your nervous system goes through in the NSA process.  In Level 1, the surface layers of stress begin to peel off. A wave of breath moves through your entire spine, helping you become more aware of where your tension is stored and how to release it.  In this level, you discover how you have been blaming others for your situation, and you discover counterproductive habit patterns of thinking and feeling.  This enables you to take responsibility for your own healing.
In Level 2, your body learns the “somatopsychic wave.” This actually releases the energy from old, chronic tension to make it available as energy for healing. You find that your basic posture begins to change from one of defense and survival to a posture of ease. This is where you often spontaneously start making more constructive life choices spontaneously.  You also gain the power and courage to drop those habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

In Level 3, that wave moves through your chest, releasing trauma stored in your heartspace. This connects you to your true calling in life, so that you can live with a depth of connection and joy beyond anything you ever have imagined! Incredibly, you now feel grateful for the original symptom. You realize that it has helped you become the kind of person that you always wanted to be. That was its purpose all along! With its mission accomplished, the pain can dissolve.

Q: What an amazing healing journey! What else do you feel contributes to improving overall health and wellbeing?
A: Giving back and serving within your community is a big contributing factor. If your life is just about you – your pain and your needs – that actually sustains your illness.  Expand! Make your life about giving to others in your community. Contribute to their wellness and watch your own improve.  Generosity and caring for others are keys for enjoying a happy and pain free life.
Dr. Erin Pollinger will be giving a FREE talk on Mon. August 20th at 6:30pm.  Please call 541-488-8858 to reserve your space.
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