Freedom At Last

What would it be like to truly feel free… free in your body and emotions, free in your mind, and free to move in your life in a way that really lights you up?  So many people are prisoners and don’t even know it.   They live with pain in their bodies, limiting thoughts in their mind, and settle for a life of going through the motions just to survive. Why do people do this? You don’t have to be stuck in a life that is less than extraordinary in which you experience freedom in all areas.

I literally have the best job in the world. One of the things that I heard from a patient in the office this week was, “After I got off the table yesterday, I went for a walk and knew exactly what to do to bring harmony back to my relationship with my husband.  And now we are in a better place than we have been in a long time.”  Another patient got off of the table and said, “That is the first time that I’ve experienced love moving through me for me and not someone else.”  Another patient came in and told me that they were able to experience joy after being stuck in depression for years.

This is why I am a chiropractor.  Not to take someone’s pain away so they can go on living the same life they have been living- staying comfortable and certain.  What I get excited about is helping people live lives in which they feel more emotion and are able to express it, experience more passion and inspiration, feel more connected to the people they love and harness their power and courage to take risks and make the changes that will truly set them free.

When you make the decision to reclaim your life and do whatever it takes to experience this freedom, and you start actually listening to your body and seeing your pain as the message that something needs to change NOW, amazing things happen.  And, the pain no longer has to be present because you are paying attention and making the changes that you have been waiting way too long to make.

You deserve to live an extraordinary life in which you feel amazing in your body, have incredible relationships, give your gifts fully to others and are able to create exactly that which brings you the most joy.

Are you ready to feel more freedom in your life?  Call 541-701-9174 for a free 15 minute consultation!

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