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These are potentially nerve-wracking times regarding the Flu and other Viruses.

First of all, your own immune system is very strong in most cases. To help build it up, raising your body temperature is excellent. Aerobic exercise will increase your body temperature and drinking hot beverages. The goal is to burn off germs and to increase the circulation. When you do this your immune cells circulate to places with less circulation such as your hands and feet.

Your immune cells can get around. You can also take hot showers and hot baths, this is good for that too.

Stay hydrated with natural fluids but not just water. Get electrolytes through your diet.

Potassium from veggies and a little salt. Avoid sugary things like Gatorade… Sugar literally thickens the blood and increases inflammation. Remember you want an efficient circulation not a sluggish one. Think of a clean stream vs a stagnant pond. Eat a lot of Veggies and tend towards more easily digested foods so you don’t get constipated or boggy. If you are having a problem with that try Mag Citrate 500 mg or even more. You likely will not take too much because you would eliminate too much Mag through the stool. Of Vitamins, Vitamins D 4,000 to 5,000 units are helpful a day. Liquid is great but not imperative.  And Vitamin C is excellent. If you are Vegetarian take a little Zinc and B12, B12 is hard to come by without meat.

Get enough Sleep. Neurologists are liberally recommending Melatonin, 1 to 3 mg a night. Its natural and helpful. The body gets sleepier when lights are low and the room is cooler. Reject the notion of shooting for only 6 hours to improve productivity. 8 or 9 hours is healthier.

A list of worthy supplements besides D and C include:

NATURA Company products …Flew Away is MIRACULOUS, Respiratory Lung Tonic and Throat

and Gland Spray by that company.

Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. The pills are large but travel well….I prefer the Tincture.

It is called Herbal Resistance Liquid.

Zinc is helpful but in moderation…it can kill your taste buds. Lozenges are best. Take probiotics,

they can boost immune function.

The overall goal is to circulate on every level …digestion, urination, emotional, exercise (on a physical level the exercise opens your capillaries and again we aim for flow of the immune system) STAGNATION is your enemy.

Also get as much fresh air as possible, avoid the gym depending on the amount of Virus in ourarea. Carefully keep hands clean, washing with soap and water is better than anti-bacterial gels.

Don’t touch your face!!

Call the office if you develop fevers, cough and other flu like symptoms. Especially if you are short of breath.

Sylvia Chatroux, M.D.

Tara Frazier-Rice, F.N.P.


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