How it Works

It takes a village to raise a child. Childcare collectives help parents share the responsibility of childcare while reducing the costs of having a dedicated baby sitter.

1) Establish a Group

Reach out to friends and neighbors in person or through the internet to establish a group of enthusiastic parents. 

2) Find a Meeting Locations

This could be someone’s house or a local community center. 

3) Build Your Routine

Create a schedule that establishes which adult is responsible when and where for the children. 

4) Create a set of Rules

In order to keep the collective organized and fair it is good to create a set of rules for all families to follow.

4) Finalize Your Schedule

Create a schedule for the collective with different activities and times of the day for parents to drop-off, help, and pick-up their kids.

Everybody Wins!

Childcare Collectives offer a great opportunity for both children and adults to make new friends.

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