Intimate Awakening Through Chiropractic

What is it that we as human beings really desire most?  After being in practice for 16 years and asking people this very question, I know that intimate connection is at the top of the list.  I have seen that there is a definite correlation between how long one has been under Network Care, or Reorganizational Healing, and the level of intimate connection, including sexual fulfillment that they experience in life.
When there is trauma stored in the body and the posture is in defense, we don’t have a high level of inspiration or motivation to connect intimately.  We are more apt to be tired or closed, we feel less beautiful or powerful, and are not as willing to be seen or able to really see others.

Through Network Care, the body learns evolved strategies in the form of waves through the body.  These waves transform stored trauma and tension into energy and help the posture shift from defense into one of ease and alignment.  When we are in alignment we have more energy available to be fuller expressions of ourselves in all areas of life.  We have a greater desire to connect intimately and receive all of the gifts that this way of connecting has to offer.  We are more open and see ourselves with more clarity, as the radiant, powerful, confident, passionate people that we are.

We are more willing to be fully seen and to fully see others.

Most people come into my office wanting me to fix their back pain or symptoms.  They have no idea that what this profession is truly about is aligning with divine source energy so we can be the most vibrant versions of ourselves in service to humanity.  It is so fun to sit with patients after they are under care for a few months and hear how they experience themselves and life in a new way; how they are more alive, more expressed, and are experiencing greater levels of connection and love in their lives.

What a gift to have your back pain be what got you into the office so that you could become more connected to the part of yourself that craves to live this way! Helping people transform and awaken in ways they had no idea were possible through chiropractic continues to be one of the most exciting things I do in my life!

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