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Introducing Dr. Kacie Flegal, an essential resource and health advocate for families across the Rogue Valley. With advanced training in pre/post natal care and pediatrics, Dr. Kacie’s practice is centered around encouraging and supporting proper nervous system function and development. She has witnessed that if the nervous system is free of interference caused by spinal tension, even as early as infancy, it sets up a foundation for optimal function, health, overall well-being. From caring for infants with colic, digestive stress, nursing challenges and ear infections, to preventative care, injuries from falls, development and behavioral challenges in children, to pregnant moms with body discomfort and imbalance and individuals with conditions such as headaches, musculoskeletal injuries, increased stress and health challenges, Dr. Kacie has you covered. We visited with Dr. Kacie to learn more about her work and the outstanding results she has been receiving. 

Hi Dr. Kacie, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. You describe yourself as a “family chiropractor.” Please talk more about this.

Throughout our lives, we encounter all kinds of stressors, whether physical, chemical, mental or emotional, which can create tension in our bodies that often reflects into the structure of our spines.


These patterns of tension can begin as early as the birth process, into toddlerhood with bumps and falls, through childhood and into adulthood with stressful experiences that literally get us ‘stuck.’

When the segments of our spine become stuck (known as subluxations), interference to the normal flow of the neurochemistry can occur, as the function of the central nervous system is dependent upon how well our spines move.

Our nervous system orchestrates every cell, tissue, organ and function in our bodies, and when our spines are subluxated, the effectiveness of how our brain sends and receives messages to the rest of our body is compromised.

A healthy foundation for life starts from the very beginning. 90% of the groundwork for neurological function and adaptability is laid down within the first 2 years of life. This is when chiropractic care can offer the most powerful benefit, ensuring a freely flowing nervous system early on to prevent dysfunction and dis-ease that can occur as a result of accumulated spinal subluxations over time.

The good news is that even if we did not receive chiropractic care as a baby or child, we still have the potential within us to heal, to unwind old patterns of stress, restore nervous system-body communication and live our life from a place that we may have never thought possible.

Will you please tell us about the training you received?

I attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, and graduated in 2008. I learned many techniques and how to care for people of all ages and stages of life, with various health and wellness challenges.

I furthered my education and received certification for specialization through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

This specialization allows me to understand and apply the gentle and specific techniques needed for the intricacies of how stress and tension present differently within a pregnant mother’s body, and with babies and kids. The care I offer allows for ease, greater overall function and adaptability during the perinatal period, as well during the important developmental years in children.

I am also certified in the Webster Technique through the ICPA. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic approach that reduces the effects of pelvic and sacrum dysfunction that can interfere with optimal intrauterine positioning of the baby within a pregnant mother’s body. 

Pelvic and sacrum subluxations may contribute to difficult labor due to uterine nerve interference, and the resulting tightening of specific muscles and ligaments. If the pelvis is misaligned and stuck, the uterus can also be  misaligned which may prevent the baby from comfortably assuming the optimal position for birth.

When a pregnant mother seeks chiropractic care and her baby is in a breech or transverse position, the restoration of pelvic alignment with this specific adjustment technique also frequently facilitates optimal baby positioning. 


What types of results do you typically experience in the work you have been doing?

With babies, the results happen fast as they simply have not had as much life experience and accumulation of life stress.

Babies who have latching issues will often be able to nurse more effectively if the issue is related to upper cervical (neck) and cranial subluxations, babies who have colic and bouts of inconsolable crying will have more ease and consolation after care, digestive issues such as constipation can clear up almost instantly, and kids with ear infections tend to heal faster without antibiotics or having to have ear tubes placed.

Pregnant moms seek care due to pelvic and sacral pain, sciatic issues and other challenges that often come with pregnancy such as headaches and digestive issues. Gentle adjustments bring freedom and ease to the tension that often occurs in the spine and pelvis as pregnancy progresses. Moms will report feeling more comfortable, have greater ability to stay active and sleep better when receiving chiropractic care through pregnancy. Moms tend to report having shorter and more comfortable labor and birthing processes as well!

I have had great success with the Webster Technique with moms who have a baby in a breech or transverse presentation. This technique is not a baby-turning technique, but rather a pelvic balancing technique that allows for space and ease so baby has more room to move into a head-down position. Research conducted by the ICPA shows that this technique is 69% effective in allowing babies to assume a vertex or head down presentation before the birth process. The Webster Technique is often successful even into the last weeks of pregnancy.

When working with adults I care for people with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, or issues such as headaches, sleep challenges, vertigo, digestive issues, and other stress-induced challenges. Patients report that not only do they begin to heal from the issues they have come in for, but often report more energy, better sleeping patterns, an increased ability to deal with stressful situations, and more enjoyment of the things that they love in their life!


Education is key for you. Please say more.

When we understand how our bodies or our children’s bodies function from an anatomical, physiological, neurological and chemical perspective, and why we may be expressing ourselves in a particular way, a deeper connection happens. Positive change happens faster in a place of knowing. I ensure that my patients know what I am doing, why I am doing it, and what shifts they can expect to experience.

What are some of your favorite success stories you have witnessed? ?

There are so many!

I have seen constipation clear up after just one visit (many times during the visit!) with many, many babies! I have witnessed numerous babies achieve a better latch after one or two visits, and have had kids with histories of chronic ear infections heal completely.

I have had great success using the Webster Technique, and often use this technique when I am called to a birth with a momma experiencing difficult labor.

I attended a birth a few years ago where a momma was pushing for hours upon hours and I was called in to assist. Upon examination, her sacrum was stuck, subluxated, on one side and her pelvis was rotated, so baby was having a hard time moving down her birth channel. I adjusted her between contractions, and 10 minutes later baby was born!

I cared for a woman who was suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain for years, and came to me as a last resort, as all of the treatments and medication she was taking were not successful. After 3 months of care, under the supervision and collaboration with her medical doctor, she was able to stop taking most of her medication, and was pain free and beginning to have a greater quality of life. After 6 months of care, she was completely off of her medication, training for a half marathon, and is now able to live her life as she had always envisioned!

Dr. Kacie, what are some reasons that people need to take their baby to a chiropractor?

I always recommend that parents bring their baby in for a well-baby chiropractic check-up as soon as they are able after the birth process, as birth can be a trying experience. The baby may have been positioned in mom’s pelvis in a particular way, or may have had a challenging time moving through and out of mom’s body, all of which can create small misalignments and torsion to baby’s spine and cranium.

In traumatic cases, more obvious nerve damage and challenges like torticollis (a condition in which the head is stuck and rotated to one side) can occur, but more frequently, small misalignments and tension to the baby’s spine and cranium may go unnoticed, and can create health issues, seemingly unrelated, later on.

These issues may present as colic, sleep and nursing challenges, lowered immune function, poor development, digestive issues and more. One visit with a chiropractor can determine if there are spinal and cranial subluxations that need to be corrected, and prevent many issues from arising.

There are more obvious signs that parents can look for which warrant a visit to a chiropractor.

If baby is experiencing spinal tension, they may show signs of being in ‘fight or flight’ or what is known as a sympathetic stress response.

Babies may arch their back and head when lifted, and may have a ‘stiffness’ to their body.

If parents notice that babies cannot turn their head to one direction, or have a chronic tilt to their head, it may be a sign of upper cervical (neck) subluxations.

Cranial bones tend to mold and move with the birth process, but if misshapen cranial bones do not resolve, it can indicate cranial and upper cervical tension that can be corrected.

And again, symptoms such as inconsolable crying, issues with latching and digestive stress are good reasons to get your baby checked.


Can you list some reasons why a toddler or older child might be adjusted?

Have you ever seen a toddler learning to walk? Or a kid playing on the playground or learning a new sport? They fall, they hit their heads and they tumble often!

Although they may be fine in the moment after a good cry or a few stitches, those bumps and falls can accumulate spinal tension and create subluxations over time. The more falls they have, the more spinal tension and misalignments can result, and nervous system flow from the brain to every organ, tissue, cell and function in the body becomes compromised.

Kids may not complain of pain in their spine, but may present with headaches, sleep challenges, behavioral challenges, difficulty concentrating, digestive issues, frequent colds and flus, or chronic ear infections.

Getting your kids checked after a bump or fall is essential in ensuring that their spine and nervous system is free and clear.

What exactly does a chiropractic adjustment look like with a baby?

Very gentle! There are no big movements and the input is very light and honoring. I use a sustained hold technique to release tension patterns, which is as much input as you would use when pressing on a ripe tomato.

Babies tend to enjoy the process, and results happen fast. Babies become more relaxed and at ease, typically will sleep more, poop more and seem more ‘clear’ after an adjustment.

The reason for this is reducing spinal tension helps shift the nervous system from a flight or flight response (sympathetic) to a relaxed (parasympathetic) response where the body can process its functions more effectively.

You can visit my website here under ‘Babies and Kids’ to view a video of me adjusting a baby to see how gentle and sweet the process is.

Dr. Kacie, you have had great results in working with pregnant women. Please say more.

As I mentioned, many women experience pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Pre-existing imbalances and subluxations can become exacerbated as the baby is growing. When a pregnant mom has a free spine and pelvis, there is simply more ease and comfort in her body.

Also, a free spine means freely flowing neurochemistry, and her brain can communicate more effectively to her body and uterus.

Receiving chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy decreases risk of difficult labor, and typically decreases labor time, as there is more ease in mom’s body, less sympathetic (fight or flight) stress, and more room for baby to move and spiral out of the birth channel.


When working with mothers you often encourage them to bring their children, why is that?

Because as a mother myself, I understand that it is easy for us to put our own self care on the backburner when we either need to be attending to our kids or have to find child care in order to make appointments.

I currently have a separate space that I am practicing out of my home, and offer a comfortable, kid and family-friendly environment. It is my mission with the work that I do to make chiropractic care accessible, affordable and to inspire making self care a priority for everyone I see.

What about dad, grandma, grandpa?

Although I specialize in pregnancy and kids, I see people of all ages, and encourage families to come in for care together!

Everyone benefits from chiropractic, because it is simple better to be free than to be stuck. Our bodies, and specifically our spines, are innately designed to move. Without motion, there is a decreased potential for life. Optimal function, health, and well being are only possible when our spine and nervous system are allowed the opportunity to operate as nature intended.


Do you offer a family plan?

Because my mission is to make care accessible and affordable, I offer affordable rates and family packages that can be shared amongst all members of the family. I do not bill insurance directly, but I can create itemized receipts as a service that can be submitted by patients who do have chiropractic care covered by insurance.

Would you please share some testimonials with us?

It is my pleasure!

I started seeing Dr. Kacie for the Webster Technique for my breech baby. She was gentle and supportive and the baby turned successfully. She also told me that creating additional space in my pelvis with chiropractic would help with delivery, and lo and behold, 6 hour labor! -Katamari D.

Dr. Kacie is amazing. I was a quick fan after my very first visit with her. She is a great listener and very skilled at her trade, and I’ve referred many a friend and family member to see her. I bring my whole family now to see her, spouse and both kids (6yrs and 8yrs). We benefit tremendously from regular adjustments. Go see this woman – she is worth every minute and dollar! My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!! -Sara J.

Dr. Kacie Flegal is such a rockstar that not only do I go at least once a week to bask in her healing glow, I’ve convinced my husband and parents to do the same. Not only is she a patient and gifted practitioner, she also happens to be one of the just plain nicest people you’ll ever meet. My dad called me after his first visit with her and said “I walked out of there feeling great, and kind of like I’d just met another daughter.” Get thee to Kacie Flegal, and feel the love. -Melissa C

Wow! I am so grateful to Kacie for her amazingly in tune and grounded presence! I was in so much pain when she arrived at my home to adjust me 10 days postpartum, and after our adjustment I feel free in my body and honestly almost completely pain free in my hips and sacrum where the majority of pain was. Thank you Kacie! Our community is so blessed to have you! -Liz L.

Dr Kacie is amazing!! She treated me while I was pregnant to increase rotation in my hip and it worked wonders!! After my son arrived she aligned him, daughter, my husband, and myself!! We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience and will continue to be seen by her. I highly recommend her for the whole family. -Rachel G.

As someone familiar with body work, the BEST sign of someone who is going to pay great respect to your body is someone who doesn’t need a lot of force to understand its limitations. She found where I was stuck, explained everything she was doing, and adjusted me gently! -Vivi W.


Please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your own family.

I opened my first independent practice almost 6 years ago in Oakland, CA and had a thriving family practice. I gave birth to my first son (now 4) during that time, and when we got pregnant with my second son (13 months) we decided to relocate to Ashland. My husband grew up here, and we really wanted to raise our kids in this amazing area. I feel so blessed to be able to offer my services to this thriving, conscious community. This is truly a magical place!

Last but not least, how do we go about setting up an appointment with you?

I can be reached many ways, and offer complimentary 15 min. consultations either in person or by phone.

My phone: 415-497-4546
My email:
My website
My Facebook page


Learn More:
Elements of Being Family Chiropractic
Practicing out of my home on the north end of Ashland
email or call for directions
Check out her website here

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