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Small is beautiful and when it comes to salons Embellish Salon & Tan, located next to Case Coffee and across the street from SOU, encapsulates this ideal. Katie Almquist and her staff go above and beyond to offer the highest level of service to all of their clientele. From the quality of their products to their hands on customer care and service, every detail counts for Katie and her team.  Their friendly, professional and personal nature has set them apart, designating Embellish Salon as a spa of choice for many a local.

Hi Katie, thanks for talking with us today. Please introduce us to Embellish Salon & Tan.

embellishAfter managing a salon and working as a nail tech for about 10 years, I wanted to take my ideas and experience and create my own working space.  Embellish was formerly ‘The Electric Beach’, owned by a wonderful local couple, Karen and Mike Titus.  Electric Beach was also one the first places I worked as a nail technician, about 8 years ago.  When I left, I told Karen to let me know when she was ready to retire from the salon business. I always really liked the location and saw the potential of the space.  She never got back to me, but as I was scheming on going out on my own I reconnected with her and shortly after I purchased the salon!

Once you purchased the salon how did you go about transforming it into Embellish?

I pretty much re-did the salon. I gave it a make-over to fit my personality and my work.  My family and I painted, cleaned, stripped, and installed for a few months.  I added whirlpool pedicure chairs and some other new salon equipment and took out all  the old equipment and changed the name to fit the new space.

You chose to bring in high-quality, natural products that keep salon visits healthy and enjoyable. Can you please tell us more about this?  

Embellish_2I believe in using high-quality products and I care a lot about cleanliness and the environment.

When I consider purchasing product lines, I try to get organic or the most natural possible while still bringing in salon-specific products. For our nail services we use Dani Naturals, out of Bend, OR. The Butter London line of nail products, a 3 Free Company, (free of the three most commonly used harsh chemicals in polish) as well as staples such as O.P.I. , Creative, Essie and Shellac Gel Polish.  We use Paul Mitchell and Evo for our hair services.  We use Berodin Blue hard wax and an organic soy soft wax for our waxing services and Intensive lash and brow tint.

Can you please talk about the type of experience one can expect when coming to Embellish?

My goal for creating this space was to have something small, clean and professional.

I wanted a salon that when you call or come in, you always get the same technicians and can receive high-quality service at an affordable price. I’m 33, and a new mom with a busy life, which equates to not very much extra time or money! This is what I think of when I price services at Embellish. I want everyone to be able to afford a pedicure!!

You have a very close working relationship with your staff. Can you please introduce us to them?

Yes! They are wonderful!  Annie Brown is a hair stylist, who has worked at the salon since before I took ownership; about 5 years. She has been doing hair for about 10 years, and is a native to Ashland.  Sasha Greenberg is a cosmetologist, licensed to do hair, nails, and esthetics.  We worked together at another salon and have known each other for 5 years.  She is from Monterey, CA. Tobyn Gruwell is an esthetician and does waxing, airbrush spray tan, and lash and brow tinting.  She has a wonderful technique as well as a delightful personality!  Milagra Gomez is a nail tech and also runs the front desk. She does a fabulous job at both!  Milagra graduated from Ashland High School last year and is currently training at Imani Institute of Cosmetology to become certified in hair styling and esthetics.  I also have two front desk ladies, Kelcey Cheser and Teraza Doty.

We could not be successful without all their help!

Talk about the relationship Embellish has established with its local customers.

Embellish_4I love that most of my clients are locals, some I have known for years!  I really connect with the ladies I provide services to. We network, share ideas, and can count on seeing each other throughout the year!

Please talk about the nature of your work. What does it take to be truly awesome at what you do?

I believe salon services require skill, professionalism, and an ability to connect with the customer.  I think customer service gets forgotten all too often in this business. At Embellish we love what we do and want to be doing it!!

What is some of the feedback  you frequently get from your customers about Embellish?

Feedback has been mostly positive since I took over the salon. I think mainly besides being complimented on our skills, I hear that people feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoy the easy-going and positive atmosphere at Embellish.

Customer relationships are very important to you. Can you please say more about the friends and connections you have made over the years at Embellish?

Our customers are so cool! I have known some of my clients for 7 years; since I worked at Blue Giraffe, a great spa downtown.  I feel like I would miss them so much in my life if I didn’t see them anymore!  These ladies, along with the new clients I have acquired at Embellish, do so much for me.

I can’t thank them enough for supporting me and sharing a little part of their lives with me!

Talk about the consistency of service you provide and where this came from in your own life.

Embellish_1My grandfather Forrest was an entrepreneur and is my inspiration in business. I always remember the simple but wise pieces of advice he would give and they inspire me every day, especially when I feel overwhelmed or discouraged!

Can you give us a brief overview of your services?

At Embellish we provide Natural Nail Services- manicures, pedicures, and gel polish/shellac waxing and lash & brow tinting, hair cutting, styling, and coloring, airbrush spray tan and indoor tanning.

Can you take walk-ins or is it best to make an appointment?

We encourage walk-ins but of course we can’t guarantee you’ll get service right away. If you have a more specific schedule, making an appointment is always best to make sure we can meet your needs.  Come check us out! Grab a brochure, try a service!


Learn More:

Embellish Salon & Tan
1253 Siskiyou Blvd.
(541) 552-0857

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